May 4, 2015

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  • Campbell was the first one up today and she walked into our room pushing the shopping cart which was filled with two baby dolls and her purse (filled with a camera, phone and an odd assortment of toys.)  After she was up a bit, I had to wake up the other kids to start on their school.  They just have a few more days and then I will let them sleep as long as they want...well, maybe.
  • Robby worked from home today so he took Campbell to school and Keaton rode along with him.  Meanwhile, the rest of us worked hard at school-some children worked more diligently than others.  And that was evident by when they finished school-Reagan finished in less than 2 hours but the boys were still working when Robby went to pick up Campbell.
  • Campbell was a little bummed that she missed the fire truck coming to school on Thursday. Robby reminded her that she was able to play with all of her friends at home but I might just feel a visit to a fire station in my future.  When they made it home, I had lunch almost ready.  After lunch, the kids started on their chores and Whitman and I left.
  • Whitman had his 2 year check up with Martin today.  He weighed in at around 30 pounds...hard to tell exactly because he again refused to stand on the scale.  I had to weigh with and then without him to get his weight.  Other than that he was the perfect little guy-now, he did refuse to let me unbuckle his seat belt when we arrived.  
  • The doctor said that his ears still had fluid-that fluid can stick around for up to 12 weeks after an ear infection so she wanted to see him in 12 weeks just for a double check.  This fluid caused a bit of concern for her and she asked about his hearing and speech.  I reassured her that I thought it was fine.  Of course late in the day, I start questioning myself wondering if it really fine then up he walked labeling things in the room "chair, wall, door, window, nose..."  Yep, he's just fine.
  • Back at home, the kids watched Paddington and once they left the bonus room, I did my treadmill time.  When I had finished, Robby had supper on the table (I did put it in the oven-though that was all that I did since we had earlier frozen our pan of chicken spaghetti)  The kids ate and then everyone but Whitman and me went to soccer practice.
  • Campbell's team practiced first.  The boys played with Max, Reagan played around with some of her friends and Keaton mostly just sat in her lawn chair watching everything happen.  Then the boys had practice and Reagan did too.  It seemed like they were gone forever-Whitman and I played upstairs, I cleaned out a cabinet, we watched a movie, he had a snack and we went on a walk.  Then we sat in the mud room looking out the windows singing songs waiting on everyone to come home.  He kept asking "Keaton shower? Rearea shower?" and continued running through the list of siblings asking who he was going to get to take a shower with.  
  • As soon as the kids walked into the door, they then climbed into a shower and were washed.  Then it was bedtime for the whole crew but I hear lots of people pottying upstairs so probably no one is asleep just yet!

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