May 6, 2015

Swinging at the park!
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  • Today was the last day of Bible study and I think my kiddos were pretty bummed about it.  They were up and ready fairly quickly.  The kids had time to clean the potties and empty the trash before we had our breakfast.  They scurried through putting on their clothes and doing their chores so they could play their kindle for a few minutes before breakfast.
  • Whitman did not want to unbuckle today when we drove up to Bible study.  He put his hands over his buckle and kept telling Reagan "no."  She then told him that afterwards we were going to go to the park.  So over and over again I reminded Whitman that he was going to play with his friends and then we were going to the park.  Those reminders didn't help with drop off but when I picked him up, he put my face in his little hands and said "park?"  
  • We went to a different park than usual today and I think that the kids enjoy the change.  This park didn't have as much for Whitman but he enjoyed trying to keep up with his brothers and sisters.  Campbell and Keaton just enjoyed me pushing them on the swings but somehow I lost sight of them and eventually saw them filling their shoes with rocks and then carrying them to the top of the slide and pouring the rocks down the slide.  Gracious!
  • Beebee is still in quarantine so this was the 3rd week that we weren't able to go and see her.  So we headed home to do a bit of chores and then a bit of reading.  The kids are anxiously counting down their days of school left and I do believe that they have been bragging about it a bit.  I hope that after they realize that I still have a few things for them to do each day and that really until the pool opens up, our days will be pretty much the same as usual.
  • I had big plans of taking a tiny nap this afternoon while Whitman was sleeping but for some reason Reagan talked to him over the monitor-she said he was crying and told him that she was going to get me.  Either way, it was not yet time to get up for him but he refused to lay back down so he was able to come downstairs which meant goodbye to my nap!
  • Lilli and Cash came over for supper and then went to church with us tonight.  I think they had fun.  My poor Graham, who struggles memorizing was ready to say all of his verses to his teachers tonight to earn a tshirt and they were not there.  We have worked and worked on those verses all week long but I guess we will have to work on them one more week!
  • Once at home, we had a cookie and then it was bedtime for everyone!

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