May 8, 2015

Just a little tired!
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  • When Robby left early this morning, he woke me up to tell me bye and to tell me that Anderson was working on his school work already.  Whitman wasn't home last night because he was spending the night with Nonna and Pops so that left the school room empty and Anderson didn't waste any time.  
  • I laid in bed for a bit longer but by the time I climbed out of bed, everyone but Keaton was in the school room and they were all quietly working.  I celebrated a bit too soon thinking that today was going to be an awesome last day of school. 
  • I let everyone have breakfast while they worked and poured milk for everyone.  Things were going fairly well until Graham fell apart.  He tried to calm down, I tried to calm him down but things just went from bad to worse.  Even Anderson was finished with school before Graham but that probably had something to do with the fact that Graham kept wandering around the house moaning "I am never going to get done with school."
  • By lunch, things calmed down and I began celebrating that school is now over for the 2014-2015 school year.  When we started back with school, we will have a kindergartner, second grader, third grader and a fourth grader.  You can start praying for me right now!
  • After lunch, Nonna brought Whitman home and he wasn't too excited about coming home.  When he and Nonna walked in the door, he kept pulling her hand back towards the door.  Then he eventually decided that he was going to leave by himself and tried his hardest to get into Nonna's car.  
  • Soon it was his naptime and I thought that I should celebrate the last day of school with a nap. I had encouraged Campbell and Keaton to watch the movies with the others but soon Campbell came and laid beside me and as soon as she was asleep Keaton came and laid on top of me.  When Robby came in, Campbell and Keaton (and possibly I) were sound asleep on the couch.  It was quite an undertaking for me to get out from under Keaton and off of the couch.
  • Soon the kids had eaten and we were all loaded up heading to drop Reagan off at Camryn's birthday party.  Then we had a few minutes to kill so we walked around the grocery store and then to church.
  • We dropped the kids off and everyone seemed happy about going to their classes except for Whitman.  He jerked his bag out of the hands of his teacher and ran back to the door after we dropped him off.  I think he eventually warmed up to the idea of spending the evening at church while we went out to eat with Sunday school people.  
  • After picking everyone up, we quickly showered everyone and then bedtime for the soccer players...though we aren't really sure if it will rain tonight or not!

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