May 3, 2015

Ice Cream Truck Night!
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  • Robby and I were up and getting ready when the kids started coming downstairs.  Since we had a few minutes to spare, I used the time to work with Campbell for a bit.  Today during church they pulled Campbell out to do a video.  We didn't know anything about it but I figured it would be for Mother's Day so I started mentioning phrases like "I love my momma because she takes good care of me" and "My mom is the best because she loves me so much."  Then I started asking Campbell questions like "Why is your mom the best?" and she answered "because she takes care of the best kids ever."  No telling what the child said on the video!
  • The kids ate their Sunday morning doughnuts and then it was time to load up for church.  Maybe Campbell was nervous about making the video but she sure couldn't sit still during church today.  I guess it is her age but hopefully that will pass.  After church, we headed to Nonna's for lunch.  She prepared Robby's favorite-pizza!  You can never go wrong with pizza for the Dennies and for dessert she had ice cream, cookies and cake!  Whitman became pretty mad at me when I tried to break his cookie into pieces after he crammed the first cookie into his mouth.
  • After a bit of playtime, we came home.  Robby had teased about working in the yard this afternoon but I have finally converted him to a Sunday afternoon nap taker (I do believe that is Biblical.)  Whitman laid down for a nap and so did we.  We left Reagan in charge of the other watching tv.  After sleeping for about 30 minutes, Keaton and Campbell came upstairs to play.  They were trying to be super quiet since we were asleep so they went into the closet in the same room that we were in and played a game!  Needless to say there was little napping going on after that.
  • We had supper and then headed back to church tonight.  It was kind of nice not having choir and word on the street is that children's choir will be combined with the Wednesday night program so that will change things some.  
  • I probably should have previewed the kids clothes a bit better before seeing them when they climbed out of the van at church.  I do believe that Campbell was wearing a dress that could possibly be a nightgown.  And Anderson, who must not have listened when I said put on your khaki shorts, put on his black athletic shorts with his Sunday shirt.  
  • When I was dropping Whitman off, when he saw that his teacher was not his Sunday school, he tried to climb out of my arms.  The boy almost went crashing to the ground.  The teachers said that he stood by the door and cried until more kids came to play.  I told them that my kiddos aren't really used to being alone.  
  • After church we played on the playground for a bit and then hurried home so we would have time to have our ice cream truck before bed.

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