May 9, 2015-Happy (early) Birthday Grandpa!

Celebrating Grandpa's Birthday!
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  • We weren't too sure about soccer when we went to sleep last night and we both woke up when the storm rolled through this morning.  Around 6:30, Robby woke up and saw on twitter that soccer was cancelled and we text everyone but I made sure that I didn't go back to sleep until I received an email confirming that it was indeed cancelled.
  • Last time soccer was cancelled, we were crazy productive that day.  Robby said that if I tried to make us productive today then it wouldn't work.  He continued with "productivity should just come naturally."  I think he was trying to get out of being productive-though it didn't work.
  • Whitman and I ran to the grocery store and I picked up 8 containers of cool whip, 16 pounds of strawberries and about 10 pounds of chicken-let's just say it is a good thing we have an extra freezer or two!  Then we went to pick up Reagan.  Whitman could not wait to get Reagan and as soon as I buckled him up after the grocery store, he started saying "Reagan? Reagan?"
  • We picked up our Reagan and then headed home for a bit.  By the time we made it home, plans had been made for the day.  We all got ready and headed out to eat for an early Mother's Day for me. We ate at PeiWei which is one of my favorite eating places.  I don't have many places that I can enjoy eating at-Robby and I like the food and so do the kids, the kids love the coke machine there and I like that it is pretty noisy and our racket can't really be heard.
  • After lunch, we dropped all the girls off at Dana's house so they could go to Lilli's dance recital.  We also dropped off the red van-Dana had invited the girls to go but then after we said they all wanted to go, we realized that her car wouldn't hold everyone.  
  • Cash came home with us and the boys spend the first bit of afternoon inside playing on their kindles while Whitman played outside while Robby worked.  (Robby spent his afternoon completely taking apart his riding lawn mower and then putting it back together again-he did manage to put it back together and spent the rest of the afternoon mowing as fast as he could to beat the rain)
  • When Whitman laid down for his nap, the boys went outside.  The collected 2 turtles and 2 frogs, played in the dirt pile (will probably have to burn their clothes), rode bikes and shot the bb gun.  It was a big day here but when it was time to leave, they all needed quick showers.  
  • I spent the afternoon cutting up those 16 pounds of strawberries and doing a few others things around the house.  The strawberries are done and all in the freezers but I do not have a single plastic container left!  We have quite a bit of eating to do before I can go pick strawberries or blueberries!
  • The dance recital lasted quite a long time and when it was over Dana fought the rain and dropped Reagan off at Kennedy's house to spend the night over there.  Reagan is quite popular!  Then we all met back at Dana's house and had ice cream sundaes to celebrate Grandpa's 83rd birthday.  
  • Back at home, we quickly tucked in our tired kiddos.  As Robby was kissing Campbell goodnight she said "I don't want to take dance ever, it takes hours!"

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