May 20, 2015

Sleepy Time!
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  • Robby and I woke up a bit before everyone else this morning and I tried to be as productive during that "bit" as I could be.  I started on laundry and folded and folded and folded clothes. When Graham came downstairs, he said "I saw all of the lights on and man, you've been busy." 
  • I washed the girls hair this morning and then served up breakfast.  Whitman now sees everythin that we have and wants it...even if it is something we know he won't like.  This morning it was banana bread and as I gave it to him he started shouting "no break"-he didn't want for me to break his bread into smaller pieces.  
  • The kids did their little bit of school work and then I made everyone do our afternoon chores this morning since I knew the grandparents were coming by after lunch.  The kids weren't too happy about this but I liked having the house straight for a bit.  
  • When the chores were over, we read some and then I headed to the treadmill for a little bit.  For some reason, Campbell thougth I said it was movie time and she told Whitman so there was no going back on that.  I let them watch a movie and while they did this, they played with their sand-it's a mess but it keeps people so occupied.  Even Whitman played some today with Anderson's sand.
  • I had exercised for about 15 minutes when Grannymon and Grandpa stopped by.  I continued on the treadmill and finished just as Nonna arrived with lunch.  It was a pretty great afternoon-Nonna and Grannymom both bringing over laundry, Grandpa putting a light in the attic for me and Nonna bringing lunch.  I could get used to this!
  • When everyone left, Whitman headed to bed and the kids finished their movies while I did a bit of housework.  Campbell and Keaton followed me around to the attic, all around the house and then helped me clean the couch (we are now out of furniture cleaner!)
  • Before too long, it was time for church.  Tonight the big three had a special magician man for the entertainment since it was the last day.  The preschoolers had the same routine but there were a lot less little kids around-which was much nicer for their workers (me!)  Once at home, everyone headed to bed after our Bible story-Robby is about to catch up with our morning Bible reading.  So right now, Robby is reading just about the same passage that we read in the mornings and it is corresponding to our Sunday school lessons too!  This drives Anderson crazy but Robby reminded him that God must really want us to learn something!

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