May 18, 2015

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  • When I woke up this morning, I felt like it should still be pretty early in the morning but I was wrong and it was wake up time for everyone.  I migth have been a bit tired because of our late night Kroger runs last night-actually, they weren't too late.  But I did forget to mention them in the blog.  The peanut butter was on sale (a very good sale) and the sale was ending last night.  So after church, we drove there and Reagan and I jumped out to buy our limit of peanut butter.  She had never paid for anything before so she thought she was something else.  Then Robby and the boys went and bougth their limit of peanut butter.  Hopefully, our 18 jars of peanut butter will last for a few days!
  • Campbell went to school this morning and today at breakfast she asked "why do you want to send me to school every day?"  I think maybe she might be getting ready to graduate.  Speaking of graduating, she recieved her report cards today and apparently she is brilliant.
  • We did our bit of school work here and then watched an educational tv show while snacking on some candy.  Did you know that Georgia is trying to move it's state line?  I didn't either until today.
  • Today was a bit different in that I did my treadmill time while Whitman was still awake.  I thougth I would give him a try and he stayed on the other side of the house playing away until I had almost finished.  Then it was our lunch time and we had a bit of time to do some chores and then watch tv before heading to Grannymom's house to pick up Campbell.
  • Once at Grannymom's house, the kids played and had a snack.  We were there for a while before we had to hurry home for soccer.  Once at home, everyone through on their jerseys and we had a quick bite to eat for supper.  Then we headed to the soccer fields.
  • Campbell's team played first and they did decent-only losing by 2.  Campbell scored her first goal tonight and was so excited.  Then Reagan and the boys played.  Graham hustled tonight and ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. My Anderson scored 4 points (possibly 5) and was pretty much on fire.  And Reagan, who I didn't get to watch to much of, scored her first goal of the season as well.  She was really trying her best out there tonight.
  • Once the games were over, the kids all helped take down the flags and even pick up some trash.  Then we headed home for showers and ice cream.  I think my people were pretty tired tonight but I still here people upstairs making noise!

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