May 30, 2015

Finishing the season strong!
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  • We went to bed last night with 5 disappointed kids sleeping on our room with no elextricity.  But by the time that we woke up, things had changed drastically.  We found out that the soccer games were on despite the deluge we recieved last night and that means the kids were no longer disappointed, they were thrilled.  Reagan, who is usually my slowest at getting up, was quick to put on her uniform and then climb back under the covers. Our electricity had come on shortly after the kids had gone to sleep.
  • It didn't take us too long to get ready even though we weren't too ready for soccer this morning.  I geuss our things were ready but Robby and I were not mentally ready-we had already planned our morning of everything that we were going to accomplish!  
  • We picked up doughnuts on the way to the soccer field.  Campbell's team played first and it was something to watch-imagine eight 5 and 6 year olds playing on a muddy field.  Some children tried to stay out of the mud and only got in it to kick the ball and others would run out of their way to splash in the puddles.  My Campbell was the superstar on her team today.  She didn't score but she ran this way and ran that way and kicked the ball and blocked the ball and played her hardest.  We couldn't be more proud of how hard she played this year.
  • As you can imagine, she was soaking wet when the game was finished, so we changed her and then walked to the bottom of the fields to watch the boys play their last game.  I think that the boys won and they also did really well.  They had to play pretty much the entire game and you could tell that they were tired by the end of the game.  My Graham and Anderson both came so close to scoring today and they really had a lot of fun this year.
  • After their game, we changed them and all headed off to lunch.  Reagan and Anderson went home with Nonna and Pops.  Keaton and Whitman rode with Grannymom to McDonalds and then just Graham went with Grannymom and Grandpa to Lowes.  And then we had Graham and Campbell with us and went to McDonalds and then we ran to two different grocery stores before heading back to the field.
  • I knew watching a bunch of 3rd and 4th grade girls play on a muddy field would be much different and it was.  They would all pause before going into the puddles.  Reagan's team won, lost or possibly tied depending on who you talked to.  They had fun and did really good.  My Reagan was pretty slow on the field (she got her foot stepped on really hard at the beginning and after that, she didn't get into the fray of girls to much) but Reagan is great at telling her teammates what to do.  She has told me before that she wants to be a referee or a coach.  
  • After the games, we headed home and started washing clothes, unloading the car and trying to lay out shoes to dry them.  Grannymom and Grandpa came over to hang one more light in an attic (that should be all of the new lights I need now)  The kids finished their movie from last night while Whitman napped.
  • Before all of our laundry could finish, we loaded up and went to the pool.  The kids swam and swam.  Though Graham pulled a muscle in his neck somehow this afternoon and was pretty upset all afternoon.  During the first hour at the pool, he floated around on a noodle holding his neck.  Dana rubbed it a bit and within a few minute, he was swimming around and had forgotten about his neck.  
  • My Whitman really enjoyed watching her brothers and sisters go down the slide.  He enjoyed this so much that he wanted to go down himself so I thought that a good fast ride down the sldie and then a quick dunk under the water would scare him enough that he wouldn't want to do it again.  I was wrong!  I took him to the top and gave him a push down and even though his eyes were huge and he hung on to Lilli for dear life, he immediately wanted to do it again.
  • We had supper at the pool (sandwiches) and swam until we were almost the last people there.  Then it was home for showers, teeth and bed.  My crew was pretty tired tonight and hopefully everyone sleeps well.

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