May 24, 2015

Cooking up breakfast for supper!
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  • The kids were up before we were this morning and Robby passed out breakfast while I got ready and then we switched spots.  I do believe that my Graham was trying to be silly this morning when he pointed to Whitman's shirt and asked if that was his-or at least I hope he was trying to be silly after wearing Whitman's Sunday shirt last week.
  • While we were loading up the car, Whitman found a coke from yesterday and tried to drink out of it so back in to the house he had to come for a change of clothes.  We still made it to church in plenty of time to see all of the grands and then take everyone to class.
  • We dropped off a squawling Whitman and then I walked to Keaton's room.  I realized that her teachers were not teaching today and it was the worship care volunteers so I asked if she would want to go to big church.  Of course she did want to go with us and was a perfect child the entire time.  She is able to sit much stiller than her big sister on the other side of Robby.   Bless Campbell's heart, she tries but she might have a little bit of ADHD that presents itself during church services.  I could hardly concentrate during church today becuase I was so worried about Keaton needing to get up and go to the bathroom-I forget to take her before we walked back into the sanctuary but thankfully she made it fine.
  • After church, we went to Walmart for Feed the Need.  The kids had their lists and were pretty serious about marking off the list.  But when I started throwing other things in the cart, I threw everyone for a loop.  We did a bit of shopping for us as well before walking out to the truck to put the donated items inside.
  • Reagan was with Lilli and was not with us.  Andeson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton were able to walk on the truck and sort their groceries.  Then we walked and saw the firetruck and the kids climbed all over it (not Anderson though, I guess that he is too big for that now.)  
  • Then we walked back to the car and Whitman would not get in.  Finally, I realized that he wanted to get in the firetruck.  I didn't get him out of the shopping cart when we were beside the truck because he never acted like he wanted to get out.  So I walked him back and put him in the truck and he was thrilled.  Then we headed back to the car and he started pointing to the other truck saying "that one, that one" so I put him in the back of the 18 wheeler to look around in there.  After he finished looking, he came down and happily sat back down in the car.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and afterwards the kids played a round of kickball.  My kids fight with Lilli and Cash like they are brothers and sisters.  This kickball game was taken very seriously and it finally ended before there was a winner.  
  • This afternoon the kids watched movies while Robby and worked and worked.  We moved a set of drawers from the toy room to the bonus room attic.  That sentence makes it sound a lot easier than it was-Robby had to take the drawers out, then we had to take it down the stairs, through the living room, up the stairs, bring the drawers down and then back up and then Robby had to put the drawers back in which wasn't too easy.  After it was all put together again, I quickly filled it up but my attic, which had become a mess, is now nice and neat again.
  • Robby and his assistant chefs, Campbell and Keaton, made supper-sausage, biscuits and eggs.  Supper was delicious and the kids gobbled it up and then they were thrilled to find out that we were going to get to watch the fireworks tonight.  
  • We could have all squeezed in our big van when we picked up Nonna, Pops and Jason but since we were going to Jason and Pops' parking garage, we had to take the little car and have a kid or two ride with Pops. We walked about the parking garage while waiting on the fireworks to start and then the kids oohed and aahed watching them...all but one kid.  Whitman wasn't too thrilled-he covered his eyes, he covered his ears, he hung tighly to my neck, he said "scared, scared" but eventually he started looking, naming colors and by the time it was over he was saying "no scared."  I do believe we might see quite a few fireworks on our next few trips so he better continue getting used to them.

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