May 21, 2015

Outside Dining!
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  • Each and every Thursday that Campbell goes to school, Robby takes her and Keaton and usually Whitman ride along.  But also each week Graham asks to go but we do not let him becuase he needs to get his school finished.  So today, since we are out of school already I said that I would take Campell to school and anyone could go with me.  Everyone said they were going....except Graham!
  • We all had to rush around a bit for us all to get ready to take her to school but we did have time for a quick breakfast and our Bible story.  Whitman though knew we were going bye-bye but could not understand why we were not getting into the car.  He had to have a time out in his bedroom until Robby was finally able to get him to understand breakfast first and then bye-bye. 
  • I think that Graham enjoyed being the only one home when while the rest of us left to take Campbell to school.  Robby was home too and said that Graham worked the entire time doing his little bit of school work and reading.  Then Robby said "you make them read for 30 minutes in the summer?"  He seemed to think that was too much but Graham flew through 2 books during reading time today-he probably enjoyed sitting in a quiet house.
  • Once we all made it home, I washed Keaton's hair and then I headed outside to help Robby for a bit. He was mowing so I picked up sticks and pulled weeds from the flower bed.  And before too long, it was time to load up and pick up Campbell again....and everyone but Graham went again.  
  • The boy who had been playing outside during the morning then went inside and did a bit of kindle playing time.  When I made it home, I fixed mac and cheese and the kids all ate their lunch wearing coats while on the May!  Crazy weather day and all the kids can think about is swimming Saturday.  I keep reminding them that until the weather is in the 90s for a good while, Robby and I will not be getting into the pool with them (easier said than done with Whitman in tow.)
  • We were all pretty much inside and outside most of the afternoon.  The kids did migrate inside for some movies but both boys managed to be outside when Robby was killing a snake.  They rushed in to tell me and I told them that makes me want to move.  Anderson, while rolling his eyes, said "that is silly, moving over one little snake?"
  • After showers for everyone, Robby made his waffles (he is now adding another waffle maker to his list so we can all eat at some what the same time.)  The kids love Robby's waffles, strawberries and sausage.  Hopefully they will love my baked oatmeal breakfast that I am trying tomorrow (my expectations: Reagan will try it and probably like it, Graham will immediately say that he loves it and will eat none of it, Anderson will not eat anything and possibly will even gag, Whitman will guzzle cup after cup of milk to sustain himself until lunch and Keaton and Campbell will both decided that they do not like it at all before we have even finished making it!)

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