May 13, 2015

3:16 Live Awards Celebration!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • This was the first morning that no one had to get up for school here or for Campbell's school so we took advantage of it and slept in a bit.  The boys and tehn everyone found their kindles (we forgot to lock the closet door)  
  • I eventually made breakfast and then everyone started on their summer school work.  It was a pretty slow morning-Campbell's reading book, laundry, Reagan's writing book that she hasn't yet finished and that was pretty much it.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitman spent a long time playing with playdoh.  This was one of the first times that Whitman really understood what he was to do with the playdoh...then he started throwing it on the floor.
  • Campbell and Keaton were all crafty today because they even did a bit of painting while I was on the treadmill.  Lunch was the next big event.  We ate and read and then ran around doing our afternoon chores before getting ready.
  • Once ready, we went to see Beebee.  It had been a while since we have been there and we caught her just before she went into the shower.  The kids were fairly well behaved and Whitman was long as I was handing him candy as quickly as I could.
  • At some point today, Whitman ran up to me, grabbed my hand and said "potty."  I felt his warm diaper and indeed he had just pottied.  I played along and took him to sit on the potty for a minute but boy, I am sure not ready to potty train anyone again.  
  • Once at home this afternoon, the kids watched tv and played their kindles until it was time for supper.  Before heading to church, we dropped by the library for me to pick up a few books for everyone-mainly for Graham.  He is my reader and is constantly reading all of the books that I have for him.
  • Tonight at church, Reagan, Anderson and Graham all received trophies for saying all of their verses this year.  Keaton also received a certificate for her attendance and hopefully Campbell will receive one next week!  The kids deserved a cookie when we made it home to celebrate and then it was bedtime for my crew!

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