Christmas Ornament Countdown: 17 Days until Christmas

This White House ornament was probably bought in 2003 on our trip to D.C. but my quick count we have ventured to D.C. six different times since we have been married.  But this is the link to my favorite D.C. trip.  It was in 2010 and we just had Reagan, Anderson, Graham and baby Campbell.  The day before we flew out of town, Anderson had his first and a pretty bad asthma attack so we were lugging around lots of meds and equipment for him.  I am not sure which kid woke Robby up but at 4:30 in the morning he was giving the kids a bath, at 6 we were at breakfast and by 7:30 we were finding a perfect parking spot in the middle of D.C.  The weather was rainy so we dressed our babies in ponchos and I will never forget them eating red, white and blue popsicles with it dripping all over their ponchos.  Robby and I pushed those double strollers over 7 miles that day but we saw it all!

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