December 2, 2015

A little straw building!

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  • Wednesday morning here and everyone had their clothes on before 8 so we then sat down for breakfast.  After our quick and easy breakfast, I had the kids then help with the laundry.  
  • On the way to Bible study this morning, Campbell asked "why don't you go the short way?"  I told her that this was the only way and then she asked me about driving by Krispy Kreme.  After thinking for a minute, she was right.  There is another way to go which does pass by Krispy Kreme so we went that way.  I am not sure if it was a shortcut but I did mentally note that this route passed us by not just one doughnut place but two!
  • Going in to Bible study we were carting Whitman's bag, my bag with 4 Bible study books and our four Bibles, brownies for Graham's classes snack, a pizza cookie for Reagan's classes snack and 2 containers of brownies to be sent to prisoners.
  • We joined our friends at Rock Creek for a bit of playtime and lunch.  Then the we loaded up and went to see Beebee.  Nonna had taken plenty of candy and money to Beebee's place today so the kids ate up and then were all given their 1 dollar bill.  Everyone else happily let me hold on to their money for them but Whitman insisted that his money stay in his pocket.  The money even stayed in his pocket while he was racing a man in a wheelchair down the hall.  I guess to just make things interesting, Whitman decided to crawl-Oh, Santa, please bring me a leash for that child!
  • At home, we didn't have too much time during the afternoon but I do believe that everyone rested a bit (I certainly did.)  Robby brought home supper which we all ate in the car on the way to church.  Then church time-puppets tonight for us.
  • Once home, it was a quick showers, a quick snack, a quick Bible story and then a quick look at a Christmas ornament (we talk about one every night) and then bedtime for my kiddos.  Tomorrow is a big day-planetarium visit!

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