December 26, 2015

Devouring some Mississippi Mud!

(click here for today's pictures)

  • The pictures are from today along with a few from Christmas eve from Jason.
  • From last night I forgot to mention that as we were playing our hover soccer tournament, Graham shouted out "this is the best Christmas ever!"  And I might just agree with him.
  • The thunder was crazy loud last night but Robby and I just heard it one time and then we woke up again to the sound of the power coming back on.  We don't really know how long the power was off but we do know that the lack of power or the thunderstorm didn't bother us at all and everyone slept crazy well.  Graham was the first one awake around 7:30 and then he told me that Whitman's light was on so I went in and retrieved him but everyone else didn't wake up until after 8.
  • We didn't do a whole lot this morning but we did manage to clean up just a little bit before heading out to our "new day after Christmas tradition."  That is how Robby referred to it on facebook this morning.  I laughed because last Christmas eve we said that making pancakes for breakfast was going to be our new tradition but we decided that it was too much trouble.  But today's tradition was much easier-lunch at Cotham's in Scott.
  • Robby had seen an article about Cotham's in the paper and since it had been year and years since we were there last, we loaded up and headed out of town.  The kids were great and took in the setting.  We arrived before the rush and we were almost convinced that maybe it wasn't a popular as it once was but we were wrong, by the time we left people were waiting outside.  It was a mad house and we loved it!
  • We split 2 hubcap burgers and since we were divided into two tables (big 3 kids at one table and everyone else at another) it worked out just great.  (Robby and I had a good laugh at everyone who just looks at our blog pictures-yesterday they probably felt sorry for my kids being thrilled about gatorade for Christmas yesterday then today the pictures make it look like we bought each of them a 12 dollar hamburger today-we only had 2 for all of us!)  Then Robby thrilled the kids by ordering 2 Mississippi mud desserts and that meant one for their table and one for ours.  I am sure that everyone in the restaurant watched my 3 big kids all standing up and shoving their dessert in their mouths as fast as they could-just like they were in an eating contest. 
  • Afterwards, we had a few returns and a few gift cards so we headed to Target. Since we were in NLR area we stopped at the Target there and Robby dropped me off so I could stand in the dreaded day after Christmas return line.  But I was second in line as a lady opened another line and before I could put my driver's license away she had given my a gift card with my return money on it.  Robby was still unloading the kids when I went to the parking lot to look for him.
  • We walked around the entire store-they were out of Campbell's toy that she wanted, Reagan bought more Shopkins with her money and gift card, Anderson didn't quite have enough money to buy a pair of football gloves but Robby spotted him some and Graham was able to buy himself a pair as well.  A few days ago both boys decided that they desperately needed football gloves but I had to tell them that it was way too late to think of asking for them this Christmas but in the end it all worked out well for them.
  • Afterwards we headed home.  I took a nap for Whitman-oh, he did eventually go to sleep but that was for only about 30 minutes.  After his nap, we started working on pottying.  If you look at the picture from today, you can tell exactly how well!  Not very well!  Ha!  That boy has never pottyed on the potty for me but we still tried and tried. Once while he was on the potty, I was pointing at him encouraging him and he said "it's not working!" and no, it was not!  Lessons were ended for the day when I had to clean pee off of the tv and dvr (seriously!)  As I was cleaning up, he told me over and over "I am the best"-not really sure about that but peeing all over my tv sure was an accomplishment.
  • Robby and I spent the afternoon and some of the evening in the kitchen-he was cooking and I was reorganizing the cabinets (I had to make room for his toaster oven, my canisters and new glasses.)  Then it was time for supper-leftovers and lots of them.  Our fridge was completely full and it still is.
  • After supper the kids helped with some laundry and then we played Spot It until bedtime.  We again had a few championships and Anderson was the winner tonight. Everyone went to bed happy tonight and I am too since we have a yummy dessert to eat in a few minutes (and yes, come January 1st we are going to cut out this snacking-or at least I will stop blogging about it!)

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