December 1, 2015

Making a Pizza Cookie!

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  • I guess that I blogged too early last night because the most exciting part of the evening was when Robby had finally had enough of Keaton's antics every single night.  He picked her up and took her to the bonus room.  She was not happy at all and let the entire house know about it but after a while she was soon asleep.
  • And I was shocked at 3 this morning when she came into our room.  I would have never crossed an entire house in the dark (and I might not even now).  I let her lay in bed with us until I started to feel trapped in the middle and found her some blankets to make her a pallet on the floor.
  • Then we were all sleeping well until Whitman busted in and stepped on top of Keaton to get to our bed at 6:40.  I guess the top that Robby put on top of the pack n play didn't work-may have to put him in the bonus room tonight.
  • After breakfast this morning, Robby and Keaton headed off to school with Whitman staring out the window crying while watching them go (Whitman was crying, I held it together).  The rest of us started on school and who would ever believe it but the kids were all finished by 10 this morning.  It helped that we had done a bit last night and Robby made the boys get started before breakfast this morning.  
  • The kids soon went outside while I straightened the house and then it was time to load up and pick Keaton up from school.  We all went in to get her and then I dropped everyone off at Grannymom's house so I could go and do some Christmas shopping.  
  • While I shopped and shopped, the kids played at Grannymoms and even went to Rock Creek to play some.  The girls played school and the boys watched tv and when Robby came to pick them up, they then met me at the gas station so we could fill up both of our cars for 80 cents a gallon.  
  • Then it was home for showers for the kids while Robby worked on supper.  We had breakfast for supper-a personal favorite.  Then everyone watched the Charlie Brown Christmas show after we read our Bible story and pulled our Santa down to count down to Christmas.  Pretty good day!
  • And I have forgotten to write about Campbell the other day.  It was completely out of the blue that she looked at me and said "if you drop me off at the orphanage, who will be pick me up?"  I usually do not threaten the kids with an orphanage since I do not know where one is but I did tell her that surely one of her grandparents would pick her up.

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