December 18, 2015

The whole cast!

(click here for today's pictures)

  • We all didn't jump out of bed this morning but as soon as everyone was up and awake, they all quickly started on their school.  Everyone was able to help around the house, get ready and finish school (except for Campbell). 
  • Our homeschool crew began arriving and as soon as people started driving up, the kids flew outside they were so excited.  The first activity today was acting out a play of the first Christmas.  My Graham was Joseph, Anderson was the king that spoke with the wisemen, Reagan was the innkeeper who told Mary and Joseph that there was no room and Campbell was the registrar who counted Mary and Joseph in the census.  My Whitman was supposed to be a sheep and even had sheep ears to wear but surprise, he had no interest in this.  He only wanted to jabber during the play so I shoved him in Robby's office with some milk and a drink hoping that a few minutes of watching Thomas would calm him down.
  • After the play was over, we started this next activity and the kids could not wait for this one to start.  It was present time.  My kiddos were super excited to pass out their presents but they were just as excited to see their presents-Eden gave Reagan a pencil holder, Anderson received an ornament made by Charlotte, Graham and Campbell had homemade crayons and a personalized coloring book from the Powell boys, Keaton opened up an owl pillow made by Kennedy and Michael had Whitman's name but since he forgot his present, Whitman received a package of gummy bears and powdered doughnuts (it was the best present Whitman has ever been given.)
  • Once the presents were finished, we started on lunch.  Amber made taco soup and the kids dug in-it was delicious and I wish that I had eaten more.  The kids played outside some and inside some and everyone stayed until right after 2:30.  That left us just a few minutes to straighten up before heading out for the afternoon.
  • The boys all stayed home with Robby.  Keaton was the first to go to Dana's house to do a bit of painting for her Christmas present.  While she was there, Reagan and Campbell and I ran to Target to finish their Christmas shopping and look for Reagan a Christmassy shirt (we didn't find a shirt so will have to complete our search tomorrow.)  
  • Then we dropped Reagan off at Alyssa Kate's house so she could go to Kaleighs for her belated birthday party.  Campbell and I had time for just one more errand before picking up our Keaton who had the best time ever painting.  
  • As soon as we made it home, Robby and the big boys left for a night out-the Star Wars movie was calling their name.  The boys came in tonight and couldn't wait to tell me all about the movie.  The girls had just gone to bed but we even let them go and talk to their sisters before they went to bed themselves.  It was a pretty good day here at the Dennie house.

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