December 19, 2015

Counting down to Santa!

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  • Keaton was the first one awake this morning and she climbed into our bed until it was time for us to start our day.  The boys were wake soon after her and were still on cloud 9 after their night out at the movies. 
  • Some had breakfast this morning and before too long, I had loaded up with Campbell and Whitman and we headed to one side of town.  We dropped off Campbell for her painting session with Dana and then Whitman and I went grocery shopping.  He was absolutely perfect while shopping with me at the store and talked the entire time.  Though when we left the store, he immediately started crying and saying something about needing the orange one.  As I loaded the car, I showed him the orange juice we bought and the oranges that we bought but no, that was not it at all.  I am convinced now that I left something at the cash register that was orange!
  • While we were shopping, Robby, the boys and Keaton went to the other side of town to pick up cinnamon rolls and then Reagan.  Then they ran home and I dropped the groceries off and picked up Reagan and Keaton.  
  • We went to get gas and then to Kohls for Reagan to find a Christmassy shirt-didn't happen but we did find a cute shirt for her.  Now, earlier I said that Whitman was perfect but not at all at Kohls.  I guess he doesn't like that store because last time we were there he was awful too.  I didn't have a stroller and the store was out of the carts so that left Whitman to walk or be held.  Oh my, we caused quite a scene!
  • I then dropped off my third painter, Reagan, and picked up Campbell.  The girls are so excited about their paintings and can not wait to show everyone and so far they are all doing a great job keeping them a secret.  
  • This afternoon I made a batch of meringue kisses, spinach dip, hashbrown casserole, sugar cookie dough and then another batch of meringue kisses.  During this time, Robby, Graham and the girls went to pick up Reagan and run an errand leaving Whitman and Anderson here.  I never heard from Anderson but Whitman climbed out of his bed at least 10 times and I put him back into bed 10 times!
  • Robby brought home supper and then he joined me in the kitchen making corn flake cookies and rice krispie treats while I finished up another batch of cookie dough.  Then we all settled down on the couch and watched the movie Elf before bedtime. 
  • I forgot to write this last night but as I put Whitman to bed, we looked out the window and spotted the deer out back.  My baby pointed at them and said "Santa's."

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