December 28, 2015

Working the puzzles!

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  • Keaton almost slept until 8:30 this morning and probably could have slept longer but I finally thought that I should open her door and turn off the fan.  We finally had breakfast-cereal and fruit-before starting our morning.
  • The highlights of the morning were more shinky dinks, reading lots of Thomas book, working a zillion Elsa puzzles and reviewing some Fancy Nancy books for an upcoming birthday party.  At 11, we did all make ourselves some hot chocolate (Keaton and Whitman just had milk) and had a few pieces of candy while we did our science and some reading.
  • Whitman helped me make lunch-or mainly he would just lick the knife every time I laid it down.  And then after lunch, I did put Whitman in his undies until nap time.  He did great-no pottyng though so that probably isn't that great but he didn't get those undies wet.  
  • This afternoon the boys played the xbox and the girls watched a movie.  I worked on planning school for next week and Whitman slept most of the afternoon.  Around 4, we loaded up and dropped the boys off at Cash's house and brought Lilli home.  Reagan had asked to use a redbox gift card but unfortunately our redbox was broken.  
  • Then it was back home and the girls played and played-they have played with the American Girl dolls and are now making a movie on Lilli's ipad.  Robby made waffles and sausage for supper and we all ate it right up.  I do believe that waffles is a favorite meal of my Dennie crew.
  • My Whitman is right here beside me on the couch wearing goggles and watching Barney.  The girls will probably watch a movie soon and then it will be bedtime for these kiddos.  

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