December 15, 2015

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  • This morning was Keaton's school day so she was anxious to get to school but my poor Whitman was heartbroken to see Robby and Keaton drive away.  We just stood at the window and watched them leave as he did a little ugly cry.  It was pitiful-so pitiful that Graham and I went to make him a pretty awesome train track upstairs.
  • The others worked on their Christmas crafts some more-seriously, we will never be finished!  Though it makes me wish that we had done a few more crafts as gifts.  We have actually finished quite a few things and just have 3 more for tomorrow.  
  • Not only does my kitchen remain like Santa's workshop but the kids are constantly playing ping pong on the kitchen table.  I usually have my head down tediously working on some craft with someone and do not watch them play but it does sound like they are getting better...and I am just slowly going insane!
  • We did have time to work on our science today and while the kids were angelically sitting in the floor listening to my read, Whitman ran in holding an armful of pillows.  He threw the pillows on top of us and shouted "Merry Christmas everyone!"  
  • After lunch, we did a few more chores and then loaded up to head to Grannymom's house.  The kids stayed there while I went to pick up a few last things on my list.  I just need gift cards from one store (they are currently out of gift cards), one more gift (which I think Robby is ordering now) and 3 kids need to pick up a small item for them person.  But while I was shopping, at least 3 times I found something I wanted and then text Robby and I had him order it for me online.  
  • The kids had fun at Grannymom's house-they played outside, went to Cash's house for a bit and watched a movie.  I made it home just a few minutes before they did and as soon as they walked in the door, the kids were directed to the showers.
  • After a while, we had supper and Robby even made a dessert for us to eat.  We had a pretty relaxed and wonderful evening around here.

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