December 21, 2015-Happy Birthday Campbell!

Happy Birthday Campbell!

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  • After keeping the kids up very late last night, I was surprised to see that they had slept until 7:30.  Not as late as the 9:30 or 10 that I could have slept until but I will take what I can!  Today was Campbell's actual birthday so of course we needed to start the day off with candles.  I didn't think that a candle in her cereal would work really well so I quickly made some cinnamon rolls for the first singing of the day.
  • I had a schedule ready for the day and the highlight was our ping pong championship.  I even had a loser bracket.  My first game was against Keaton and I tried my best to let her win a few points.  Then I played Graham and won but then it was Reagan and that little stinker beat me.  Graham kept hollering that I was letting her win but I guarantee you that I was not.  I will definitely schedule a rematch.
  • We did our science today-yes, we are out of school for the next two weeks but I we are behind and I am going to use this chance to catch up.  Afterwards, it was time to do some party preparations-making Campbell's brownie cake was the next biggest part of the morning after our championship games.
  • Lunch was next and the kids helped with some chores followed by some downtime for them.  Robby was home in time to run the birthday girl to the doctor for a quick check up.  She has almost finished her antibiotics but is still complaining of ear pain and still coughing like a 2 pack a day smoker.  Doctor looked in her ears and said that all was well.  So that was a unneeded trip but made Robby and I feel much better.
  • Once they were back home, it wasn't too long before Campbell's 6th birthday began.  Nonna and Pops were over first to help cut my tomatoes and soon after Jason, Grannymom and Grandap, Lilli, Cash and Dana all arrived.  Then the McGuires, Wilsons and Skelleys all came.  My Campbell was so excited to have a completely full house of people over to celebrate her birthday.
  • And once again, I just about ran out of food.  Seriously, my pet peeve is people running out of food and now this is the second party in a row where we have almost let that happen.  I hope everyone had enough supper but I promise I am going to make triple for the next party (which is not for 3 months!  Whoop, whoop!  Having 4 parties in 4 months is pretty tough.)
  • All of the girls decorated cookies and the boys probably would have happily decorated cookies too but we just didn't have room.  (10 girls and just 5 boys)  There was icing everywhere and sprinkles and the kids just had a great, messy time.  I even decorated a cookie or two.  
  • Then it was present time and my Campbell racked up-a cooking set, boogie board, lap desk, Frozen tin, lots of art supplies and the list just goes on.  She did really well and wanted to start tearing everything open as fast as she could to play with tonight at bedtime. 
  • After everyone left, the kids helped clean up everywhere except the kitchen (the only really messy room) and then they showered as we worked on the kitchen.  After our December nighly ritual, it was time for bed for the kiddos.  Robby is still going to mop the kitchen floor and I have presents to wrap...or maybe we will just eat some spinach dip.

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