December 6, 2015

A singing star is born!

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  • This Wednesday the big kids choir was practicing and Anderson was pulled off of the stage because of his behavior.  Of course, we did not hear about this on Wednesday night but I was informed about it at bunko on Thursday night.  I quickly pulled out my phone and let Robby know about Anderson's shenanigans and the boy wrote a page long apology letter before bed.  
  • Flash forward to this morning and Anderson came into our room saying that he felt bad.  He moaned, he groaned and even threw up (just a bit).  Robby whispered, debated and strategized about what our plan was going to be-was it nerves or a real stomach bug.  We were at a loss about what to do but the next thing I knew, Robby was telling Anderson to go ahead and put on his clothes-yep, we took a gamble!
  • And yes, it must have been nerves because the boy did fine during both services singing and didn't hurl on the stage.  I was much relieved to see them walking off the stage without incident.  I was actually so nervous about this that I could hardly enjoy listening to Reagan sing in a little quartet.  She did so good and we could not have been prouder.
  • Now back to last night, I was picking out Whitman's church shirt as he was walking by and I asked what shirt he wanted.  He said "orange" and then grabbed an orange shirt and said "it is my favorite."  I certainly couldn't deny him from wearing it since I had asked-even though it was short sleeves.  But I am thankful I put him in that orange shirt because after running around the sanctuary before church one time, he did it again. The place had filled up some and I saw him at first but then, I couldn't see him anymore.  I had almost made my way back to Robby to tell him that I couldn't find W but I saw a flash of that orange shirt and was able to grab him.  
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham did very well singing but once we got in the car, Anderson shouted "man, my fly was down the entire time."  I am pretty sure no one noticed though! We had our lunch at Nonna's house.  She had bbq and then she started off Anderson's birthday week with a huge cupcake for us.
  • Anderson we pretty pleased with his cake and enjoyed blowing out the candles.  Reagan and Graham really, really wanted to blow those candles out but thankfully Anderson was able to get his wish in. 
  • This afternoon the kids watched their movies and Whitman snoozed and Robby and I tried to take a nap.  I had been sleeping well when at least the 3rd time that we were interrupted, Robby said "I shouldn't even try to take a nap because I just get up in a worse mood."  I didn't think anything about that at the time but later realized that he had implied that he was already in a bad mood.  
  • Church tonight and then we met the Wilsons for a quick bite of supper at Wendys and then off to look at Christmas lights.  We drove through Sherwood Forrest and then found the "blow up" house in North Little Rock.  Wow!  It was a yard full of decorations and a garage full of a village-yes, we even got out!  We had never seen anything like it at all! 
  • It was getting late so we were just able to see the capitol and downtown lights as we drove home but everyone enjoyed seeing those too.  Then we dropped the Wilsons off and headed home.  Tomorrow is dentist day! (we are crossing our fingers that he doesn't mention braces just yet!)

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