December 14, 2015

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4 Going on 14!

  • For a Monday, I can not complain on how well this day went. The kids woke up and everyone started on their school work but also took breaks to work on their projects.  For our homeschool buddies, instead of buying gifts from the dollar store this year, we are giving a craft.  
  • I know that idea sounds sweet and happy and all but seriously, that is 6 crafts for me to make!  Oh, I know the kids are "making' them but let's get real-I am really the one doing all of the hard work.  They are just painting a few strokes here and there and coming up with ideas to make things just more difficult for me!  I even have to make a craft for one of the moms (the one who thought up this idea!-she might just be getting coal!)
  • Seriously though, our crafts are going to be awesome. Anderson finished his outside this morning by spray painting in the wind.  Reagan worked on her craft in the garage and the little girls painted inside (along with Reagan who is also giving one like theirs for a gift and making one in their room.)  So by tomorrow, we should have most finished-except for Whitman's craft and mine...and I still have real Christmas presents to buy!  
  • Not only were we busy making those crafts, this morning the kids made some Christmas cards to hand out and they are finishing up another project for a gift.  I felt a little bit like my kitchen had turned into Santa's workshop.  It was a bit crazy but we did manage to get everything accomplished on our list this morning and get most of our chores done.  Hopefully tomorrow morning will go very similar to today.
  • Campbell has only mentioned her ear once the other night and then once today and other than her lingering cough, she has felt fine.  But we did still get her an appointment at 1:40 and I decided to live on the wild side and take everyone with me.  
  • The kids were pretty perfect until the doc came in the room.  My Whitman has no volume control so that just added a bit of excitement to everything.  It was all good though but my Campbell was not all good-not only did she have a bit of a wheeze but both of her ears are again (or still) infected.  Poor baby-she acts like she feels well but she must not feel perfect and no telling how long that has been going on.  (I am scheduling an ear recheck for a few weeks so we can make sure that we get those little ears of hers all well.)
  • We all went to Sams to make sure they had our meds and then over to Walmart to spend some money while we waited.  Then back ta Sams to pick up the medicine.  Once we had our icees in our hand and the medicine, we decided to take a walk and look for some samples.  We did find some-including chicken cordon bleu.  Robby and I had talked about chicken cordon bleu the other night and said that the last time we had probably eaten that was at a building campaign dinner.  So guess what we had for supper tonight?  Yep, chicken cordon bleu!
  • As soon as we came home, it was back to work in Santa's workshop.  Robby even joined in tonight and had the little girls stuff and stamp our Christmas cards.  Then we headed upstairs to watch a movie-the kids watched while Robby and I worked on a scrapbook.  The movie was over so we started one more but didn't get to finish it before bedtime....we will just save that one for tomorrow!

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