Christmas Ornament Countdown: 3 Days until Christmas

We have had 3 trips to the Liberty Bell but I think that this ornament was actually bought in a set with a few similar ones before we even made it to the Liberty Bell.  The original plan had been for Robby and I to draw a state out of the hat and that would be the state that we would visit each year of our anniversary.  Philadelphia was our first state to draw so in 2001, we flew to Philly for the weekend and caught our first glimpse of the Liberty Bell.  Then we went back in 2009 with only three little Dennies (click here for those pictures) and then again during this year's big road trip.  What happened to the drawing names?  Well, we traveled more than we ever would have imagined during our first 8 years of marriage and emptied our hat of names and finished all 50 states with a visit to New Hampshire in 2008.

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