December 9, 2015

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  • This morning was our last Bible study morning of this year and the kids were ready to put on their clothes and start their morning.  Reagan has said that Wednesdays are her favorite days and even though they are the busiest and the longest, I think that all of the kiddos agree with her.
  • We had our breakfast and then even had a minute to finish a few chores before leaving.  This was a big Bible study day-not only the last one before Christmas but also this was the day that the Dennie kids all sang their Christmas songs....and yes, I said ALL Dennie kids, even little Whitman.
  • The kids all went to their classes and then during big church my buddies and I were all way up near the front (when we are usually way, way in the back!)  We wanted to make sure we had seats up front so we could make sure that we could see all of our babies.  
  • The first group out was the big three and they sang 2 songs and then the books of the Old Testament.  They all did great and after last weeks incident, Anderson was absolutely perfect on the stage.  Next, was the little bitty kiddos-Keaton and Whitman.  Now of course my Keaton stood and grinned and sang her little heart out.  She was absolutely adorable.  And then Whitman-he stood when he was supposed to, he looked like he might have even sang a word or two and he did the motions.  He did not cry, he did not raise his shirt up, he did not roll around on the floor.  And this just made me not happy but sad-my baby is not a baby anymore-he is a little boy.  Campbell's class joined the little ones for a few songs and then her group did a few songs by themselves.  She was so cute up there and on the way home, she said that she is "shy on the stage."
  • Now just for my Bible study shout out: if my kiddos can just remember the words to those songs they sang, they will have a wonderful foundation for their lives.  I firmly believe that the few hours we spend at CBS is more beneficial to my kids spiritual life than anything and everything else we do all week long.
  • After the kids sang and saw their grandparents, we headed off to do a bit of shopping.  We stopped at Hobby Lobby first and they had most of what I needed (which means I still have to go back another day!)  Then to Sonic for a quick bite of lunch. 
  • And then our final stop was at Kohls to return and exchange something.  After waiting in the customer service line twice and looking for my item for a very long time, the kids were starting to go a bit crazy.  Whitman was screaming and I know that everyone in the store was looking at us.  I finally thought of giving him my phone and that made him happy.  And I was just about to turn and reprimand the others when I look back and they are all marching behind me in age order and a single file line.  I just did my best to walk as quickly as I could so maybe people would not think that the army of kids behind me were with me!
  • And yes, starting off of Kohls trip, we were still in the car and I looked up and saw someone that looked like Grannymom.  I said "is that Grannymom?" and the kids all started shouting and screaming.  Then there was a man behind her and the chorus of "and Grandpa" sounded from the back seats.  I couldn't see their car and wasn't too sure since these people were on the other side of the parking lot.  But out we flew of the car and we headed to catch up with them.  I had a return so I said that we could find them later but I had to wait in that line first.  We walked to customer service and the kids shouted "there she is" and took off.  By the time I caught up, they were falling all over themselves trying to turn around because the Grannymom was not our Grannymom.  They still weren't too convinced that we didn't see them so we kept a lookout and then had to even text to make sure that they were not there-and indeed they were not!  It did make our Kohls stop even more entertaining!
  • Once at home, it was a quite afternoon-my favorite kind.  Keaton did spent quite a bit of time fussing-the poor baby was just a bit tired. But soon it was supper time and time to head to church.  Graham was my child that could not wait to go tonight because he knew that he was going to get to shop with the "money" that he had earned.  He came home with a bag full of goodies and couldn't have been more pleased!
  • We had ice cream for a snack when we made it home and then talked about a Christmas ornament, read our Bible and pulled out Santa countdown calendar.  And then it was lights out!

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