Christmas Ornament Countdown: 24 Days until Christmas

Back in 2009 I started doing a daily countdown highlighting one of my Christmas ornaments each day.  By my unofficial count, I have 214 ornaments bought on one of our trips.  As I look over the list of ornaments, I can pretty much remember what each one looks like, when we bought it and if it was expensive or a bargain.  This year our tree is not in the corner but in a different spot so hopefully I will be able to put a few more of my ornaments on the tree and hopefully I will be able to keep all of the little hands off of the tree and it's ornaments.

Some years I save my new favorite ornament for the last day of the countdown but this year, I am showing it off first.  You might have a syrup bottle, spam container, baseball bat, yo yo or golf ball on your tree like we do but I can pretty much guarantee that you do not have a shoe hanging on your Christmas tree.

This summer we journeyed under the American Falls at Niagara Falls on the Cave of the Winds tour.  (Click here for the link from that day of the road trip)  Before you ventured on the wooden decks of the tour, you were given some neat little water sandals.  It was such a fun stop and even though we were soaking wet at the end of the walk by the falls, we can't wait until we get to do it again.

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