December 13, 2015-Happy Birthday Anderson!

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Officially 9 Years Old!

  • It was barely today (1:30) when Campbell came into our room telling me that her ear hurt.  Makes sense, she does have a cold and is just getting over a pretty nasty cough.  Before I realized it, she was laying beside me and we had run Robby out of bed.  Campbell slept fine though and has never mentioned her ear again and could not even remember which ear hurt tonight.  (Now, we will still probably end up with a doctor's appointment tomorrow.)
  • The next thing that I remember was Graham coming into our room asking where the wisemen were.  We have a set of wisemen that float around the house in December.  They are hunting for Baby Jesus and end up places like on top of the ceiling fan or hanging from our Christmas cards (or nights when I am tired, they just end up sitting on a shelf or on top of the table).  It is a no stress Elf of the Shelf since the kids know that I am the one that move them.  Anyway, if the kids can not find them immediately they want to know where they are hidden-at 7:01 each morning.  
  • Then before I was out of bed, the birthday boy brought me a screwdriver and his remote control car so I could help put batteries in it.  At that time, I realized that Reagan needed to be at church at 9 to practice her music for Sunday school so we started quickly moving around here.
  • I threw the cinnamon rolls in the oven and soon we were again singing to the birthday boy.  Everyone was already dressed and they played and Anderson worked on his legos some while Robby and I finished getting ready (and yes, he has already put together all of his new birthday legos.)
  • We made it to church and sent Reagan into practice her song.  And later during Sunday school when the leader usually asks the kids who have practiced with her to come up on stage, she did not.  I guess that the leader didn't think that she had any kids in that hour or she just forgot.  I was across the room and tried to motion for Reagan and encourage her to go up there and she just shook her head no.  She wasn't going to go without being asked so our scurrying around was all for naught!  Oh, well!
  • Before church started and while we were seeing all of the grandparents, I was determined to not let go of Whitman and have a repeat of his running around the sanctuary.  I was actually so determined to not let go of him that when I did briefly let go of his hand and he darted away, I nearly knocked Bro. Paul down-seriously.  I did manage to grab the boy before having to crawl over Bro. Paul!
  • After church, we again celebrated Anderson's birthday with one last candle at Grannymom's house.  She had made his favorite-key lime pie and then since we had a left over game from the party yesterday, we played football bingo with the kids.  Robby had even bought prizes for them and of course, this time not everyone would have a prize.  This led to tears from Keaton who did not win...
  • But my Campbell has become so tenderhearted and she tried her best to cheer Keaton on and help her win.  Campbell even gave her some of her candy and Graham gave Keaton his MMs.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, Anderson and Reagan were making sure that they had plenty of candy to give to Cash who also had not won.  By the time the game was over, everyone had plenty of candy which they ate all afternoon long!
  • The rainy afternoon was spent napping for some (Keaton, Whitman, Robby and me).  We had intentions to go to church but opted to stay in tonight.  I started on some painting in the garage with the girls and ran inside the house to get something.  And after leaving simple instructions (do not touch the paint) to the girls, when I came back into the garage, Reagan had put paint on Keaton and Campbell's noses.  So that didn't set well with me and Reagan went to bed-she had her supper upstairs and did get to come downstairs to brush her teeth.  Gracious me!
  • The rest of our evening was spent folding a mound of laundry and putting it away and then the boys (including Robby) played the xbox while the little girls and I played a game.  Soon it was bedtime for the crew and I hope that Keaton goes to bed since she had such a good nap this afternoon!

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