December 29, 2015

King of Duck, Duck, Goose!

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  • I went to bed after midnight last night and didn't hear the girls upstairs but they were pretty convinced that they stayed up until 2:45.  I don't think that could be right since my girls were decently behaved and in a pretty good mood during the entire day.  
  • But they must have still been tired this morning because it was again well after 8 when they started stirring.  Whitman was the first one awake and I could hear him turning on and off his light in his room over and over again.  This makes him happy and I probably would have let him continue this but my dad always told me that turning the light on and off could start a fire (I doubt that is true and is probably just something you tell your kids-like I tell mine.)  So I opened his door and soon he was in bed between Robby and me covered up with his spider man blanket and watching Barney.
  • The girls were soon up and we eventually got around to making their breakfast.  Robby's current goal is to cook everything possibly in his new toaster oven and today we made cinnamon toast in it.  The girls said the first batch of toast was good but the second batch was really great-the difference? Robby made the second batch and used much more sugar than I did!
  • During the morning, I pretty much let the girls do whatever they wanted to do-they played some games, they watched some tv, they played with dolls and they played on Lilli's ipad.  They were happy and entertained and Whitman can play with his trains for a very long time before coming to find me or going to watch a movie, so I had plenty of time to work.  I planned January's school for Keaton and Campbell, refilled diapers and toilet paper, organized shelves in the school room closet, organized coats, put away some presents, moved toys around to new homes and stayed pretty busy...Robby did question my sanity since I had squandered my downtime with chores and not something worthwhile like taking a nap!
  • I couldn't figure out what to make for lunch in the toaster oven so we just had sandwiches.  I guess we could have heated them up but they weren't worth that (the sandwiches, not the girls).  I did make cookies in the toaster oven...hmm, today I heard both Campbell and Keaton proudly tell Lilli that their dad has a new toaster oven.  I guess I sound as proud of his new toy as the girls are (toasted bagels are on tomorrow's menu...we probably need more hobbies around here.)
  • The girls played an indoor soccer match this afternoon and before I stopped it, they had moved every piece of furniture in the living room and were having a big ole time.  I guess they were making memories and I'm thankful that they helped move the furniture back.
  • Around 3, Dana brought the boys back and picked Lilli up.  I made everyone shower and they started playing until Nonna and Pops came over.  They delivered a tea ring that Nonna had made today and we pretty much devoured the thing before they left.  Nonna and Pops stayed for a bit and the kids enjoyed seeing them.
  • Robby came home with some supper and soon the Wilsons were over eating with us.  After eating, we hung out for a bit and then they went home...and we followed.  Brett had a new basketball game that everyone had a chance to play and Tony had a new popcorn machine to try out.  And while we were upstairs I asked for a sample of their soda making machine and Tony gladly made me one-which they exploded twice on us!  
  • We stayed there way too long and when it was time to leave, there was a bit of talk about a skunk that had tried to make it's home in their garage.  Robby ran to get the Wilson's mail and Keaton had a breakdown.  When I came to the car, Keaton was blubbering about Daddy and the skunk.  Poor child was so worried about her daddy-thankfully he made it back to the car without being sprayed (by the nonexistent skunk)

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