December 3, 2015

Future scientist?

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  • My crew was still wore out from Wednesday this morning -- all but Whitman had to be woken up.  Whitman though was up and out of his bed on his own at 6:50 raring to go!
  • But everyone quickly got around before we headed out for our field trip.  We picked up at Grannymom and Sara and kids for our drive down to Arkadelphia.
  • We headed to the Henderson State University Planetarium.  Robby had contacted an old friend from Acxiom who now works at HSU to find out the easiest place for me to find the planetarium. She gave him directions and said she would have a parking spot for me. And that she did, we pulled right up and soon found our personalized parking spot with nameplate and all. We walked over to the planetarium and met up with Amber and Heather and their kids.  
  • The guide said they had 47 different choices for us to choose from.  He recommended a Westerner themed show around the stars but once the kids heard they had a Christmas themed one, that was their pick and the show soon started.
  • I didn't know how Whitman would do and came prepared with lots of lollipops but he had found a grand spot right beside Grannymom.  And he was ready to have a conversation and he did for the entire 40 minutes. Good thing we had the show to ourselves.  Well, he wasn't too loud but definitely hear him at times.
  • The kids all enjoyed the show but were ready to run off some energy once it was over on the HSU grounds.  We headed back to Little Rock to drop off our carpool buddies and then headed to Nonna's.  Campbell couldn't wait because it was her night to spend the night with Nonna and Pops.  It was still early in the afternoon so we all went inside for a bit and luckily Nonna even had lunch for us!  We played for a bit and then headed home. (From the pictures Uncle Jason sent, looks like Campbell went on to have a grand time at Nonna and Pops for the night even venturing out to Target for some browsing.)
  • Kids played on their Kindles, Whitman took a nap (or at least laid in his bed for awhile) and Keaton fell asleep in front of the movie playing in the living room.
  • Meanwhile, I was in the kitchen making my Bunko dessert. Let's just say - Pinterest FAIL!  It was so bad I didn't even try to salvage it.  Thought about making brownies but Robby told me to just pick something out at Target since I was headed there to already return some Christmas gifts that needed to be returned before we even gifted them.
  • Robby opted for frozen pizzas for supper tonight. He said the kids weren't fans (guess they are spoiled even though he and I almost prefer frozen pizza to some of the ones we buy out.)  They then watched another Christmas movie, Switchmas, before heading to bed.

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