December 17, 2015

The Inflatables Are Up!

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  • Big day for Keaton this morning and she couldn't wait to put her pajamas on and head to school-yep, it was pajama day at school.  As I was about to pull out breakfast for everyone else, Robby asked who wanted to go with him and of course his car was full as he dropped Keaton off.
  • Then they all went to Shipleys for doughnuts while I stayed at home and worked some.  I had almost run out of things to do when I heard the door open.  I helped Reagan wrap a present and then it was time for me to load Whitman up and head to Keaton's class for her Christmas party.
  • This party was a hit because Santa even showed up.  Whitman and Keaton could not have been more excited about seeing him.  They sat in his lap and Whitman jabbered on about Thomas.  There were games at her party and a few crafts and Whitman was able to participate.  He would act like a perfect preschooler for a bit and then the next second he was dumping all of the blocks out of the tubs.
  • After the party, Keaton and Whitman went to Nonna's house for the afternoon while I went to the dentist for the afternoon (a cleaning and 2 crowns-Merry Christmas to me!)  I picked up the littles and then we headed home after my appointment was finally over.
  • At home today, one of the activities that Robby and the kids did today was to set up the Santa and Thomas the Train blow ups in the front yard.  This was the first year that we had lots of interesting discussions about our Santa with the kids.  Reagan was the first one to notice and quickly asked Robby all about it!
  • When I drove Keaton and Whitman home, they were looking down the road at the house and quickly saw the Thomas.  Whitman put his hands over his mouth and kicked his feet-he was so excited!  They jumped out of the car and were so happy to inspect the work with the other kids who had run outside to see Whitman and Keaton's reactions.
  • We had a short afternoon and Campbell helped me make cookies for tomorrow-I did most of the work so I can't blame her for what they look like!  Robby made supper-breakfast burritos for us while the kids had showers.  
  • Then we watched a movie in the bonus room while Reagan made Christmas cards.  When the movie was over the kids went to bed but we have no heard someone out of bed at least 3 different times right above our head!

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