December 16, 2015

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  • Robby questioned if I had hidden an alarm clock in the kids rooms this morning because as soon as the clock struck 7 there were people moving out of every bed upstairs and then at least 4 of them were in our bed at once minutes afterwards.  
  • As soon as we woke Whitman up, the day quickly began and breakfast was served.  The kids were anxious to finish their light load of school work-if there was only some way to convince them that they still had a light load of school work once we start back doing school in full force after the holidays. 
  • There was more ping ponging, lots more crafting (and look at those pictures with my people and their cute little crafts), playing outside, playing the xbox, painting and asking me a zillion and one questions.  By the end of the afternoon, I told Campbell that I was going to my room to be quiet for 10 minutes!  (It never happened!)
  • Right before lunch we did our science and even made rain.  Then the boys were in and out about a zillion times during the afternoon and before I knew it, we were loading up to go to Beebee's place.
  • We had missed seeing Beebee last week but her candy box was waiting for us.  The kids were so excited to tell her about what all we had been doing and then Pops showed up so that made things even better.  When we left, I let everyone climb through the bushes to knock on her window for one last wave goodbye.
  • The big kids had their Christmas party at church tonight and it started with pizza so the little ones and I ate at church.  Then Keaton and Campbell went to their party and sang a few songs for the parents before celebrating with cupcakes and a few games.  Whitman made an ornament in his class and even had a cookie.  Big night at church for my crew...
  • And once we were home, it was showers, a drink and our nightly December ritual (Bible reading, ornament looking and Santa pulling).  Tonight Campbell read the Bible verse (we had worked on them this morning) and she was so pleased with herself and could not contain her smile when she had finished reading.

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