December 25, 2015-Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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  • After sleeping fairly well this morning, we first heard the kids in the hallway upstairs a bit before 6:30.  Robby ran to the steps in time to hear one of the boys coming back from the restroom.  We had turned the alarm on so it chimed whenever they left their rooms and it did come in handy.  
  • Robby then had his shower while I listened to the kids get in and out of their beds upstairs and then I quickly woke Whitman up before we went upstairs to get the others.  They could not wait to get out of their beds and they were all ready to head downstairs-except for Reagan who needed me to do her hair!
  • We walked down the steps the kids could not wait to see what they had under the tree.  This next bit is just a reminder for me-every year I stress about not having the kids enough gifts (one from us, one from Santa plus a stocking and one from a sibling) but each year, I realize that is plenty of gifts.)
  • The kids turned the corner to see the tree filled with presents underneath.  Anderson was the first one to see his present-a huge present loosely wrapped.  To my eyes it clearly looked like a bike but to his eyes, it was briefly what he had asked for Santa to bring him for the last 4 years, a motorbike.  When he did open it, he might have been disappointed for like a second but then he was thrilled with his bike.
  • Whitman was overwhelmed with all of the noisy and everyone was dumping out their stockings around him that he didn't really know what to do.  He started working on his stocking and didn't get past the 3 little Thomas trains and stopped to play with them.
  • Campbell had given everyone gifts that she had found around the house and was so excited to watch everyone open their gifts.  (Reagan had made everyone gifts and Keaton had also found gifts around the house (pretty sweet little kids)  When Graham opened his gift from Campbell, he was so excited to get a half used coloring book of Reagan's and a crayon.  That child is just precious.
  • Reagan was thrilled with her movie box from Whitman.  I acted as his personal shopper and filled that box up with popcorn, popcorn flavoring, hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, candy, cokes and Redbox gift cards.  And then she also opened a big blue pillow with gift cards to Altitude attached-she has plans of bringing some of her friends with her.  
  • Since I have done this for the last few days, I will again list what all was received:
  • Robby-toaster oven (his favorite), griddle, pj pants and socks
  • Tara-tennis shoes, canisters, pioneer woman drinking jars (my favorite), a phone case and a bucket of popcorn
  • Reagan-movie box (her favorite), back pillow, gift cards and a mini blender
  • Anderson-bike (his favorite), legos (also his favorite), lego book and minecraft book
  • Graham-a marble track, a guitar (his favorite), over the door basketball goal, balls and a huge gatorade (also his favorite)
  • Campbell-horse for her doll, Hello Kitty watch, little dog stuffed toy and playmobil fairies (her favorite remains her purse from Aunt Shelley)
  • Keaton-princess cupcake game, Olaf lap desk, Elsa coloring book, Elsa watch and tiny stuffed dog (her favorite also remains her purse from Aunt Shelley)
  • Whitman-a kindle (his favorite-he had taken over Keaton's kindle who had actually taken over my kindle), legos and Thomas books
  • By the time that we had half of the trash picked up, Robby and I headed to the kitchen to get started on breakfast.  He had to stay in there working (he was playing too since he had opened up his toaster oven and griddle) and I went back to the living room to pick up some more.
  • Jason, Nonna, Pops, Grannymom and Grandpa all arrived at pretty much the same time.  The kids were so happy to show everyone their new presents and soon breakfast was ready.  I made monkey bread and apparently I should make it more because the kids went on and on about how we only have it for Christmas.  We also had bacon, eggs, biscuits and Pops brought his coffee pot so there was also plenty of coffee for the grandparents.
  • After breakfast we had a bit of downtime and then it was time to quickly clean up (every year we let the time slip away from us and end up rushing to get to lunch on time)  I had the kids get ready and clean some while I threw my cornbread in the oven for it to get a bit warm before heading to Dana's house for lunch.  Robby worked on managing our trash that overfloweth.
  • Dana had lunch ready when we arrived and everyone was there including Nonna, Pops and Jason.  The kids ate and played in the garage while the grownups ate quietly inside.  It was a pretty nice day and the kids had a great time playing inside and outside.  After eating and playing, we headed home for the afternoon.
  • We did what most people do on Christmas evening-take down the trees.  I tell you it is so nice to have everything down and put away. The kids happily played while we worked and even though it took a longer than we had planned, we were able to get everything cleaned and back to normal.
  • Robby again used his new toaster oven for nachos for supper which the kids gobbled down since it was pretty late.  Campbell then used all of her new kitchen stuff to make brownies for dessert and while the cooked, we did the other thing that most families do on Christmas day-an indoor soccer tournament.
  • Since the furniture was already pushed back from us removing the tree and vacuuming, we added cones and a soccer ball and Robby and I were the first to face off against each other.  He won the game and moved on to the next round (though I was way too out of breath-I need to get myself into my new shoes and onto the treadmill!)
  • Next up was Reagan and Anderson-Reagan won that round and next up was Campbell was was defeated by Graham.  And then it was Keaton against Whitman-that was a very short but interesting match and Keaton was the winner.
  • Then it was Keaton against Graham and that sweet boy even let her get a point before winning the game.  Reagan then beat Robby and that left Graham and Reagan playing in the championship and Graham was the winner! 
  • Dessert was next followed by one last match-3 on 3 before heading to bed.  It was a bit difficult getting everyone to sleep tonight since we had just played a soccer match, eaten sweets and had a wonderful Christmas day!

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