Christmas Ornament Countdown: 2 Days until Christmas

Even though this little ornament is from our road trip this year, it almost did not make it on to the blog this year and almost didn't even make it on to the tree.  It was so flat that I had stuffed it with our papers from the trip and just a few days ago, we rediscovered it while we were working on our scrapbook from the trip (yes, I know that my scrapbook should have been done weeks ago.)

Back to the ornament, at the end of our Disney trip we headed to St. Augustine for a day and were quite surprised at how much we enjoyed it.  The Castillo San Marco was a huge fort in the middle of the city.  The kids enjoyed exploring it and whenever I see this ornament, I will always remember the progressive dinner of food that we had later that night (french fries, pizza, popcorn, garlic knots, waffle and key lime shake!)  Click here for the pictures of that day.

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