Christmas Ornament Countdown: 22 Days until Christmas

Right after I graduated for graduate school in 2002, we took a two week trip to Lake Tahoe.  The first part of the week our friends the Babbs came and stayed with us.  Then the next week, my folks and Jason flew in to meet us.  On this trip, we also made it to San Francisco along with Yellowstone. You can check out the pictures here and if you do, notice how young I look.

This was about the third ornament that we had bought for out tree-we probably had no idea that our ornament collection would grow to where it has today.  And if you were wondering, this year I was able to get all 216 ornaments on my tree.  This was probably a very dangerous thing to do since there is 2 wild boys in this house along with a 2 year old.  But even more dangerous is weighing down the branches of an 18 year old tree with all of that weight!

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