Christmas Ornament Countdown: Merry Christmas!

This Christmas day we shall close our Christmas ornament countdown with 2 ornaments.  We had two big trips this year and I have saved an ornament from each one for last.

First, we have our picture ornament from our Disney trip this year.  It was another great trip and each visit we wonder if it will be as magical as it was the year before and we have yet to be disappointed.  Here is the blog from the last day of our Disney visit.

And then we have an ornament from our big road trip this year.  This was our fourth time to visit the Louisville Slugger factory in Kentucky.  The first visit we bought Anderson a bat and the next time Graham was bought a bat.  We even toured the factory last year and that is when Whitman was bought his bat.  This year we didn't have anyone that needed a bat but we did finally need an ornament for our tree.  As you finish the tour of the factory, you are handed a pretty decent sized little bat and we finally realized that little bat would make a great Christmas ornament. Click here to look back at this year's trip.  The bat on my tree may look a bit odd but since it is hanging near an elk antler, bag of flour, can of spam and a sandal it does fit right in!

Merry Christmas!

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