December 23, 2015-Dennie Family Circle

Dennie Family Circle!

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  • I kidded with the boys last night that for every hour they stayed in bed after 7, I would give them a dollar.  Anderson made it until 8 so he did earn a dollar but tonight Graham had dollar signs in his eyes when he asked me if we were going to do the same thing in the morning (we are not-I'm broke!)
  • When Graham was asked what to eat this morning, he asked for waffles but we were all out of those so we resorted to the last box of pancakes.  After we ate our breakfast, we read a few of our Christmas books-I looked back and last year we had again waited until the last minute to read those books.  I don't know why since I have had them out for over a month now.
  • The kids helped me do some chores around the house but other than that they did have a lazy morning.  I did cut some wood for a little project for Reagan this morning-during the monsoon!  (Seriously, I don't think kids have any idea what all their parents do for them-cutting wood in a rainstorm would be one.)
  • We had our lunch and after a few minutes, it was time for all of my people to have a rest.  Whitman takes forever to go to sleep and today was no different-he talks, he sings, he plays with his trains, he jumps, he yells, he hums and he even tells stories about his trains all while falling asleep.  Today though I also wanted Keaton and Campbell to take a nap as well.  It took pretty much forever for them to fall asleep but once they were asleep they were out!
  • Eventually, we had to wake everyone up so all of my people could have a shower before heading to Grannymom's house tonight.  The kids didn't fool around much when they realized where we were going.  They were quick to get ready and load up.
  • Once we were at Grannymom's house, we unloaded our presents under the already full tree.  Then Les did a quick devotion followed by the syran wrap game.  Robby and Grannymom had wrapped a huge ball of syran wrap around lots of goodies (gift cards, candy and the like) and then we each took turns racing to unwrap it and claim the goodies until the person beside us rolled the number 6 on the dice.  Whitman sat in my lap and watched wide eyed as the adults screamed and hollered as we worked on the syran wrap ball.
  • Next up was supper-chili, tortellini soup and lots of other Christmas goodies.  The kids ate some but their mind was really on the next event-presents.  They all did really well waiting for their turn to open their presents-my girls were so excited to open their paintings that Dana did with them.  Campbell just grinned and grinned as we oohed and aahed over her picture.  Everyone seemed pleased with all of their gifts...I will list some quickly....
  • Robby-tennis shoes (from me)
  • Tara-a diffuser and some essential oil (like a smelly candle) (from Dana)
  • Reagan-the games of Life and Apples to Apples, a brush, shopkins, sticky notes, a bracelet kit and another craft.
  • Anderson-a Razorback jersey, Academy gift card, books, a Game stop gift card and 2 outside toys.
  • Graham-a Razorback jersey, a swim mask, Xbox game and an airplane book
  • Campbell-a scrapbook, doll, purse, magnets
  • Keaton-a doll, little bitty animal toys, a purse, days of the week panties and beads for bracelets
  • Whitman-Imaginext men, a Thomas pillow and pillowcase, color wonder markers, a drill, sand and playdough
  • After opening presents, we had a bit of downtime-the boys played outside and the girls played a board game.  We were the last to leave and when we came home, it was time to unload and shower again for the crew.  
  • We only have one more night of our Christmas nightly routine and the kids were so excited that they could hardly listen to anything Robby said tonight.  It was a great start to Christmas.

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