December 5, 2015

A trip to see Santa!

(click here for today's pictures)

  • The first thing I remember from this morning was Robby coming in the room to tell me how fortunate I was-Whitman had woken up right before 7 and crawled out of his bed.  Since his door was locked, he couldn't get out of bed so he just rattled the door knob until Robby came and whisked him away upstairs so they could watch Thomas for a while.  
  • The others woke up and then our morning was underway.  We quickly got ready and went to pick up Grannymom and Grandpa up to go and see Santa.  This is at least our 4th year to go to the Clinton Library to have our pictures made with Santa. 
  • We were there before it began and saw Santa walking into the room.  The kids all then took their turns telling the big guy what they wanted.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham all asked for an ipad (not gonna happen!), Campbell asked for a Hello Kitty watch, Keaton asked for an Elsa watch and when Santa asked Whitman what he wanted, he said "Thomas."
  • The pictures were very cute and the kids enjoyed coloring their Christmas cards for a few minutes before we headed home.  Now, I do believe that the kids were a bit disappointed because this year there were no cookies to eat-instead they had magnets that said "Haiti" to give away (yep, we thought that was a bit odd too!)  
  • After dropping Grannymom and Grandpa off, we headed home and picked up a few movies on the way.  The kids started on their kindles as soon as they finished their laundry and Robby and I started on our chores-the goal today was to straighten our closet.
  • Robby then began cleaning out the chip and cookie cabinet while I was working on making a Christmas present.  Then it was lunch time followed by me sneaking off to Target to return a few more presents.  When I came home, Robby's cookie cleaning out had led to cleaning out under the sink.
  • This turned into cleaning out the tupperware cabinet which then led us to the laundry room cabinets to be reorganized.  By the time it was almost supper time so we made pizza for the kiddos.
  • Everyone went upstairs to watch one more of the kids movie and Robby and I started to work on our pictures from our trip.  This has been a very productive day around here and I plan on finishing it up with a bit more Christmas shopping before bed.

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