December 20, 2015

Celebrating Campbell's Birthday at Nonna & Pops!

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  • Anderson and Graham were the first ones to join us in bed this morning.  Then I had already gotten out of bed when Keaton and Campbell came downstairs. At some point in all of this we started putting on clothes and Whitman made his appearance (for a long time he had been doing really well about not getting out of bed but not so much anymore!)
  • Whitman was soaking wet so Graham volunteered to get into the shower with him-W doesn't like to be alone in the shower but how can you ever be alone when you have 7 trains in the shower with you.  Graham got out and then Robby climbed in the shower.  By the time they had finished, the little girls hair was combed and most teeth were brushed.  I did have to sent someone upstairs to wake up sleepy Reagan.
  • By the time Robby was giving the kids breakfast, I looked at the clock and saw that I had to scurry around to get myself ready.  I even had to use the hair dryer-and yes, we still have a hair dryer and an iron (but I have sold my coffee pot and ironing board.)
  • Church was fine-a little eventful when the preacher didn't show up and we sat in awkward silence for a while (probably not as awkward as the guy crowning the wrong Ms. Universe tonight.)  Then we helped with the kids Sunday school on our week off (ha!) and led them from station to station (upstairs, craft, story and cupcake decorating.)
  • Then it was lunch at Nonna's house and Campbell's first birthday celebration.  She couldn't have been more excited to blow out her first candle.  After a bit of playtime at Nonna's house we then headed home.
  • The afternoon was uneventful.  Whitman slept for a little bit but then climbed out of bed and since the school room door was locked, he just made a mess in that room but I was happily napping upstairs.  I had a great Sunday afternoon nap while Robby stayed busy-reading the paper, doing some work work and talking on the phone.
  • We had time to do some laundry before our Christmas party at the Wilson's house.  The Phillips and Atwoods were there too and everyone had a good time.  We even found a minute to put some candles in Laryn's cupcake for Campbell to blow out.  
  • Towards the end of the evening, I realized that for a while I had at least 2 kids in my lap.  I decided that they must be tired so I asked Robby if it was midnight and it was pretty close (almost 11.)  I guess we sure know how to party!  
  • Once at home, it was quickly time to get our crew in bed because they were tired, tired!  We were too but I have to make my list for tomorrow-getting ready for a birthday party and we are going to have a ping pong tournament!

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