December 8, 2015

Setting the monorail up!

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  • I knew that we had a slow day today so it gave us a few extra minutes to snuggle with Whitman in our bed.  You basically have to throw your leg over him and trap him for him to relax enough to lay near us for a bit.  But when he does, he is so completely cuddley.
  • Robby took Keaton to school and she was pretty happy about today because she was the snack helper.  Today though was a special snack-pancakes so we only had to bring orange juice.  Of course seeing orange juice in our house caused some discontentment with the others.  Someone even suggested that we use the apple juice that is in the pantry but I had to explain that that juice was also for Keaton's next school snack.  Milk had to suffice for everyone.
  • Since Reagan had finished her school work last night, she pulled our her scrapbook and worked on it.  Graham joined her and worked on his scrapbook after he had finished his school.  Anderson continued working and near 11 did finally finish.  He said that he didn't like to be the last one finished and I tried to explain that he was the last one finished because he spent so much time fooling around.  In just a few days, his math will be easier so will speed him up quite a bit.
  • Reagan started on part of her Christmas project before lunch and then Campbell and Graham started on theirs after lunch.  The kids played outside some today, watched their movies and shouted as they played their kindles.  
  • I had supper ready when Robby and Keaton came home and then Robby passed out cake and ice cream for everyone.  After showers, we watched another Christmas movie before going to bed! The kids were super excited that Shannon and Layne stopped by at the end of the month extending their time to be up.  For the kids, they weren't here long because they were begging them to stick around longer but it was just a quick visit.
  • Soon everyone was in bed and they must have been tired because we didn't hear a peep out of any of them.

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