December 22, 2015

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  • The morning started early this morning.  Reagan is the slowest to usually wake up so I started to wake her up first.  I did figure out the magic words to get her moving quickly: I asked her "do you want for me to pick out your clothes?"  She was out of bed in seconds digging through her drawers trying to find her clothes.
  • The boys were quickly up and Graham asked me about a zillion times when we were going to leave.  We were actually ready a few minutes before 7:15 and left right on time.  We met our friend Veronica and the Heltz at the air force base.  
  • We went right to the building that houses the simulators for the C130s.  We had a few minutes before our time and we were shown some maps and the kids even tried on a few helmets.  Then it was simulator time.  Wes went with the first crew-his girl and my Reagan and Graham.  They were all able to fly the simulator and even spotted the church, Bass Pro and altitude.  
  • I had no intentions of going on the simulator but since there was room, I thought that I better not pass the up on an opportunity like that.  Anderson and Ethan were the only ones on this trip so they were both able to fly some.  Anderson did two touch and gos at the Little Rock airport after taking off at the base.  We also flew around downtown and our pilot was great with the kids.  It was a pretty awesome experience.
  • On the way home, we stopped by Target to pick up one last present (there was nothing left there), then to the library and finally to Nonna and Pops' house to pick up the others.  Robby had taken Keaton, Whitman and Campbell to Nonna's house this morning so he could go to work.  
  • We joined them for lunch and then headed home to get a few things done at home.  Once at home, we worked on the dishes, laundry, science and even did a science experiment with Anderson's new science kit.  Campbell tried out most of her art supplies and her herself a fit when I told her that I was not going to make cupcakes today so she could use her new dishes!
  • The afternoon was spent with a few naps (it is Christmas time after all!) and lots of time wrapping presents.  Keaton and Campbell found gifts for everyone in the house so I helped them wrap them-Reagan will be thrilled with opening a half used glue stick on Christmas morning!  
  • Then it was supper at Izzys-we had not eaten there in a very, very long while and had a tiny gift certificate.  We all split cheese dip, spaghetti, tamales and a hamburger.  Once back at home, it was time to make reindeer food for Santa's sleigh pullers.  Then it was bedtime for my tired pilots!

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