December 10, 2015

Campbell's Last Brain Lab Visit!

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  • I had been doing so well waking up in the morning but not so much anymore.  I was still up first but had to scramble to get my 3 kiddos out of the door before on time this morning.  My first stop was dropping Whitman off at Nonna's house for the day.  Then to drop Keaton off at school and then to fly downtown  with Campbell to arrive at our last Nutrition Center visit.
  • We started going to the Nutrition Center in 2005 after Reagan was born and were lucky enough for have 4 Dennie kids in the study that provided free formula, sometimes diapers, gift cards and compensation.  There were lots of visits before they turned one but afterwards the visits were just once a year and ended at the 6th birthday.  My Campbell will be six in a few weeks so this was our very last visit there.  
  • They must have not wanted us to leave because we were there until after 4!  Campbell was great and suffered through hour upon hour of psych exams.  Once in the middle of answering unrelated questions she said "my daddy put a snake around his neck."  Um, okay.  The psych testing was so long that it had to be broken into 3 parts.  
  •  The girls favorite part of the day was the time that we spent in the play room.  They have lots of things to climb on and we both climbed, rolled and laughed.  She was so good during the day and kept working towards her drink that she would receive on the way home.
  • Meanwhile, Reagan, Anderson and Graham spent the day with Robby while he was working from home.  They did their school, their chores and even had time to play legos, play kindles, play outside and the boys even had a hair cut.
  • Whitman spent the morning with Nonna and then they picked Keaton up from school.  At lunch, Whitman prayed first and said "Thank you apple, thank you apple, thank you apple, thank you apple, thank you grape, thank you grape, thank you grape" and he continued until he had thanked God for every single bite of food on his plate.  
  • Once Campbell and I had finished at the Nutrition Center, we met Robby and everyone else at Chuys to eat.  Supper was good and I think that everyone was pretty hungry-we finished up everything on our plates.  Then Robby took Campbell and Reagan to the grocery store to pick up a few things.
  • Campbell's First Brain Lab Visit in 2010.
  • I brought everyone else home so we could have some time to pick up and take showers before Robby came home.  Then he arrived and we unloaded the groceries followed by more showers and then bed for the crew! 

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