December 31, 2016-Happy New Year's Eve!

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  • We woke up with a bit of excitement this morning-Keaton and Graham were feeling a bit under the weather but by the time we all slept another hour, they were running around the house chasing their brother and begging for food. We were still able to sleep late but did eventually get up to get fold a few load of laundry-will it never end?
  • The kids had gotten their own breakfasts so we didn't make the breakfast burritos like we had planned. Instead we started thinking about our lunch-Robby had been thinking about going to eat at Dennys for a few days now and it was definitely a memorable experience.
  • It was a bit after noon when we walked in and were shown our table and no one spoke to us for 30 minutes. The kids were patient and I had just given the speech that we were indeed going to get up and leave when the waitress did finally come. Bless, she was just overworked but boo on their management. 
  • Reagan was the one who was going to be the most disappointed about having to leave but Campbell was going to be the one who was about to start crying. Robby let the kids all have their own meals and even milkshakes. What a way to end the year!
  • The food was good-my favorite was Whitman's chocolate chip pancakes and it just made me think that we need to make pancakes more often around here-especially since Robby is so good at pancake making.
  • After we ate, we dropped the kids off at Grannymom's house for a bit while Robby and I ran to Home Depot and Walmart. We bought stuff for our evening project and for some food for the Wilson's house.
  • Once we came home, we started immediately on the boys' attic. We now have their nerf guns hung neatly on pegboard. It looked really nice and did get rid of a whole bin of guns from their closet. We stayed busy until almost 7 and then scrambled around to leave the house.
  • Tonight we rang in the New Year at the Wilson's house.....we had enough food for several families but it was just us! We had pizza, chili dogs, chicken wings, cheese dip, cheesecake, root beer floats plus a few things I'm probably forgetting since its late.
  • The boys flew their drones - Brett had also gotten the same drone for Christmas. Layne and Reagan watched E.T. (It was too scary for Campbell and the little ones she said.) Brett, Anderson and Graham played the Xbox and watched another movie upstairs. Whitman, Campbell and Keaton mainly hung out with the adults. We played two games of Farkle . . . and I did win both games (that's probably why Robby won't play games usually!)
  • We finished the last game in time to clean up the kitchen before we rang in the new year with blow horns, poppers and a few pictures!

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