March 10, 2018

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  • Robby and I did our best to stay in bed all morning long. We made it until almost 11. Now, please don't think that we are that lazy. I did get up to work some of Anderson's puzzle, pour some milk and even to gargle with salt water. Robby, Anderson and Whitman all have a touch of something, hopefully just allergies, but my throat is now killing me. It is better now than it was last night and this morning (thanks to lots of gargling and some elderberry tablets.)
  • Reagan was even up and stirring early this morning. I would guess that Whitman sleeping in their bedroom might have had something to do with that. Keaton had gotten hers and Whitman's breakfasts; it is kind of nice that these children are a bit self sufficient.
  • At some point during the morning or was it possibly the afternoon, I headed to the store. Yesterday, when I went to the store, Robby said that we were doing good on our grocery budget. Well, I ruined that today. I did buy a few things for Whitman's birthday party and juice boxes for the pool so they shouldn't count on my tally.
  • The boys had spent the night at Cash's house and even went to see a movie with them this afternoon. They had a good time and were pretty tired when they made it home. 
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a bit. Keaton showed Grannymom her mad basketball skills, and Whitman did some reading to Grannymom. Campbell served some of her warm cookies that she had just baked.
  • The storm was getting close as they left, but the kids still ended up outside playing with the neighbors. We had gone ahead and put the pizza in the oven hoping that the storm would send them in sooner rather than later. It sure did. They heard one clap of thunder and people came running inside this house.
  • We started on showers during the rain, and all ate our pizza afterwards. We had a few minutes before returning back to the kitchen for cobbler and ice cream for our evening snacks. Yes, my faithful blog readers will notice that I did make Robby and blueberry cobbler last night and then again made another one tonight. We are going to get healthy starting on Monday so he is having one last hurrah.
  • Since it is time change night, we did manage to get the kids in bed a bit earlier than usual (like maybe 10 minutes) but I will count that as a win. Hopefully, everyone will rest tonight and waking people up in the morning will be fairly easy.

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