March 30, 2018

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  • I didn't jump right up this morning since I thought that today would be a normal ole day. I made my morning rounds-emptying the dishwasher, bringing the clean laundry to my room to fold later, opening the blinds, putting toothpaste on the kids toothbrushes and waking everyone up.
  • The boys were all awake, and Graham was diligently working on his school work. He knew Robby was going to Grannymom's house to help lay some sod, and he desperately wanted to go. I told Robby that I didn't mind so Robby gave him a bit more time to finish a few things and I let him skip the others. The boys was so excited. Robby did say that he worked pretty hard all morning long.
  • The rest of us were just about to start on school when Candice text asking if we wanted to go box sledding by the Clinton library. My list for today was long, very long! But going box sledding was also on my fun things to do list! I debated and finally said yes and am so glad that I did.
  • I told the kids how long we had before having to leave, so they grabbed their breakfast and got right to work. There were lots of school things that just didn't happen today but that is okay-sometimes life is more important. 
  • Graham got back just in time for us to leave at 11. We met the Heltz downtown at the library. Candice had lots of boxes and I had some as well. The kids didn't have to take turns on the boxes, and they slid down the hill a zillion times. I even got in on the action. 
  • We had a picnic as well, and the morning couldn't have been any more perfect. It is definitely something that I want to do again. Now, something that I don't want to ever do again is take all of my crew clothes shopping. After we left downtown, we picked up our Dairy Queen Blizzards, and then we went to get Reagan an Easter something.
  • Seriously, shopping with 6 kids isn't all it is cracked up to be. I thought that Anderson might just start crying when Reagan came out of the dressing room and said that what she had tried on didn't work. Thank goodness she finally found something. She found a grey sweater with a light pink undershirt. I wasn't crazy about the shirt but she liked it so we grabbed it. 
  • I was so relieved to find Reagan something successfully and to not absolutely lose my mind while shopping that I turned into Sonic to get everyone slushies. I was already in the parking lot when I did remember that they had just had Dairy Queen. I still got them slushies since they really did deserve them after all. They really did well shopping. 
  • Back at home, we unloaded from the day and I started making chex mix and chocolate dipped pretzels for Whitman's birthday. I then managed to get one more coat of pain on my drawers just before Robby called the kids outside to dye Easter eggs.
  • We dyed the eggs. Whitman, Campbell and Keaton could have dyed eggs all evening long while Anderson and Graham asked if they really had to dye 6 eggs? I remember dying a dozen myself so when my kids only get to do 6, I feel a bit bad. Though 36 eggs are a lot for us to eat this next week.
  • After the Easter egg dying, everyone played a bit of football in the backyard while I worked in the house some. I joined them towards the end of the game. Robby, Graham and Whitman ran to pick up Whitman's his cupcakes and supper while the rest of us started on decorating some Easter cookies.
  • When they came home, everyone ate and then Graham and Whitman started on the cookies that were left. Everyone else took quick showers before Graham and Whitman finished their cookies. We doubled the recipe so there were lots of cookies to decorate so hopefully there will lots of cookies to eat!
  • Once everyone had their showers, we had a cinnamon roll birthday cake to start celebrating Whitman's birthday. He enjoyed the attention! After we ate, it was time to brush teeth and head to bed!

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