March 22, 2018-Branson Adventure #1

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  • I woke up quite a bit last night but each time that I did and looked at the clock, I was relieved to see that I still had plenty of time to sleep. Robby was up first this morning and started waking up the crew as he was getting himself ready.
  • It is nice that the kids are all getting bigger and things are starting to get pretty easy. Campbell came out of their room and declared, "everything is out of our room." Not only did she make sure everything was out, but she knew to tell me so I didn't have to look again. It didn't take too long for the kids to dress, and soon we were hauling our bags to the van.
  • We then walked to breakfast at the hotel which was very good. Robby had read that two little old ladies made breakfast there, and they indeed were there today making breakfast. There was pancakes, biscuits, eggs and quite a few other choices. I think that everyone left full.
  • After running to the bathroom, we then headed back to Silver Dollar City. By comments of Facebook last night, we had already guessed that there would be quite a bit more people there today than yesterday, and it was true. We could tell in the parking lot that it was already much more crowded.
  • Once we entered the park, we headed right to the one roller coaster that the kids really wanted to do-Powder Keg. They were pretty close in the line and stood there forever while they tested and tested and retested that ride. Meanwhile, Robby and I took Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to Fire in the Hole. He then rode it again with the girls while Whitman and I checked on the ones still in line.
  • They probably waited 45 minutes when they started loading people on the ride. Then someone's seat didn't work so they had to take everyone off and send a tester on the ride. Poor park employee testing out seats to make sure they work! He survived and soon the ride was going again. Seeing all of this got to Graham and he jumped ship and didn't wait for his turn! Which I certainly don't blame him at all.
  • After their ride, we all split up again. The boys went with the Wilsons to ride Wildfire and then to the Lost Mine. Robby took Reagan to the barnswings and then met us. My group rode a little covered wagon ride, Keaton and Whitman rode little swings and then we rode the hot air balloons, where I easily could have lost my lunch...if I had eaten lunch! Then we all did the Lost Mine before heading out of the park.
  • It was a short morning but was a good end to our Silver Dollar City day. Robby is already working on when we can come back sooner than we had planned. We were in a bit of a hurry on the way home because the Wilson's had to be at the airport to pick up Layne from her mission trip.
  • We stopped to pick up McDonalds-everyone pottied while I ordered and Robby bought gas. Then our only other stop was at Corseys to pick up some bacon for a friend. Robby and Tony couldn't resist buying themselves a meat stick.
  • When we were almost back to Little Rock, we decided that the Wilsons probably didn't have time to get to the airport if we took them to their car. So we all went and greeted Layne. Then we dropped them off at the car before we delivered the bacon.
  • The library had family bingo tonight so we headed there. Since we hadn't had supper, everyone had cheese, crackers and meat that we had taken on the trip. It was enough to fill us up along with the library's chips and salsa that they had. 
  • The bingo was lots of fun-when you bingoed, you won a book. The kids all won at least 2 books each. There was also door prizes which the Dennie's won 4 of 10. We won a 10 Target gift card, a t shirt, a Batman mug and a Stormtrooper mug. The boys weren't too thrilled about coming, but we all had lots of fun.
  • It was all work though when we made it home. Everyone worked on unloading the car and putting things up. Whitman tried his best to get out of work, but once he realized he was having to work like everyone else, even he was a good help. It didn't take too long for the car to be clean, the clothes to be in the wash and bags unpacked and put away. 
  • The kids then started on their showers and soon it was bedtime. I think that they were all pretty tired tonight because I didn't get much feedback when I told them that it was bedtime! I am pretty exhausted myself.

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