March 29, 2018

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  • When I went on my morning rounds this morning, I saw that Anderson was awake, and I assumed that Graham was upstairs in the bonus room. I was very surprised to find him still sound asleep in his bed at 7:50. What in the world? When he did wake up, the first thing that I asked him if he was sick. He was just catching up on some much needed sleep.
  • Today was a big day for Whitman-Easter egg hunt at school and first soccer practice. He was ready to get in the car and start his day. The rest of us began school, and at 10, I had to jump in the car for Whitman's Easter party.
  • This was the last class party at Geyer's preschool. I have been going to parties there for about 8 years (counting Ms. Stacy's classes and the PreK3 classes). Some years, I would have to bounce back and forth between kids parties since we would have one in each class. I think I am fine with not having any more parties to go to up there!
  • Whitman did have a blast at his little party. Now when it came time to find the eggs, he did so want to find one of his own that he didn't pick up any at first. The other kids all had their 12 eggs when Whitman finally put one in his bucket. He did find one of his eggs that he brought from home and this seemed to make him happy.
  • Back at home, I finished up school. I did leave Reagan and Anderson with their math books for them to check. I know that Anderson gets his math right now, and I had seen that he had already done most of it when I had left. Reagan had at least finished one page though her math is a bit confusing right now (for her and me!) Actually, thinking about her math has made me decide that we will probably do 4 or 5 math problems each day this summer. It won't hurt anyone and will take just a few minutes.
  • Once we finished school, we had our lunch. The kids worked on their chores and I worked with Whitman on his school work and Anderson on some legos, then Reagan, Keaton and I headed out.
  • Reagan needs a new Easter something, and yes, I have waited until the last minute. We had to buy our groceries so we did look at Kroger but there was nothing there. Next was Target where we picked up some eggs that were on sale. Reagan did try on 4 things there, but nothing that she liked. Two were probably a bit too off the shoulder for me but at this point, I probably would have gone with anything and even everything that she liked. We will have to go out tomorrow for some more shopping.
  • We made it home in time for me to unload the groceries and then reload the car with Keaton, Campbell and Whitman for their first soccer practices. Campbell is at least a head taller than everyone else on her team. Whitman and Keaton have a team full of timid little kids (except for Keaton). My girls did great, just as I knew they would. But Whitman, I was shocked. He did so much better than we could have ever imagined. He listened, he tried, he hustled. I was shocked!
  • Once at home, the little girls and Whitman unpacked their uniforms. Soon Robby was home, and I stared on supper. After supper, the kids had their showers and watched some tv with Robby. I stayed in the kitchen painting a set of drawers, boiling 4 dozen eggs and baking 5 dozen cookies. 
  • The kids headed to bed a bit late. For some reason, Whitman is wide awake. He has been down the stairs twice-once to ask if he could sleep in Graham's bed and once to get water. I am not sure why he is not tired, but gracious I am. 

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