March 20, 2018

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  • The bus pulled out at 8:45 this morning. I had told everyone last night to be ready at that time because we would read our history before we left, but a dozen free Krispy Kreme doughnuts seemed more important that today's topic that we would have read about during the medieval times.
  • I ran in Krispy Kreme, and before I could even climb back in the car, the kids were passing around the drink and eating their first doughnut. We headed to Heifer Ranch in Perryville this morning. It was a pretty drive out there. Though I did become concerned about my children's education as we drove over Lake Maumelle, and and Graham shouted, "Is that the ocean?"
  • I knew it would be chilly this morning though I didn't quite know exactly how chilly it would be. Graham did heed my advice and wear pants though Reagan and Anderson did not. I probably would have put on some long underwear and gloves if I had known the wind would be so vicious. 
  • Despite the chill, we still had a really good time. I had never been to the ranch, and it was something to see. We checked in at first and then headed to tractor ride around the farm. There we saw quite a bit of the farm including some houses build like those in different countries. 
  • Then it was on to the animal barn where the highlight for my kids were holding the goats and trying to get near the turkeys. It was a bit warmer in the barn so we stayed in there for a few extra minutes. Then we played a few of the games they had set up outside. It was so cold that not a one of my kids asked me for snow cones when we walked past the snow cone truck. 
  • The gift shop was cozy warm and we shopped and shopped in there though we never bought anything. After we were warmed up, we hiked back to the front and watched a video about Heifer. Campbell wanted to see the llamas so on the way to the car, we saw them briefly.
  • Back in the car, I passed out graham crackers and goldfish; our pantry supplies are getting low. It wasn't long before we were back in Little Rock parking at Dairy Queen. Today was free cone day and it couldn't have been any easier to get our cones. Keaton didn't want one but she still held mine and took a picture. I am not sure why she doesn't think that she likes ice cream even though she eats a blizzard every week. 
  • When we made it home, the neighbors were waiting outside for us so from 2 on the kids have been outside playing. They have played over here and down the street. Whitman even ventured out for a bit when the new neighbor boy came out to play, but as soon as he left, Whitman came back in to watch his minecraft videos.
  • I was able to mark a few things off of my house cleaning list this afternoon, and Robby cleaned the van really well this evening. So I guess that we have had a very productive day around here full of Spring Break fun.
  • It was nearly 7:30 when the kids came rolling. I passed out supper to some (leftovers) while the others showered and then they switched. When all of that was over, it was time to pick up a bit before bed. Everyone was pretty excited when they went to bed so I know that they will all be up early ready to go...maybe one of them will wake me up!

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