March 18, 2018

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  • Sunday morning and when I climbed out of the shower, there was only one Dennie not dressed for church. Anderson probably was dressed for church already, he was probably even at church already, but he wasn't here since he had spent the night with Grannymom and Grandpa. Graham was my only one dressed this morning.
  • Whitman was in my bed for a bit but snuck out of our room before putting on his clothes. I woke up the girls and then herded Whitman towards his Sunday clothes. Soon everyone was ready, and we were on our way to church.
  • At church, Keaton has been sitting with Grannymom and Grandpa in the old folk section. And every single week, I get at least one compliment of what a little lady she is back there. The lady today said that she just acts like she wants to be there and is so perfect. 
  • Meanwhile, madness is happening on our pew towards the front. Well, not really madness today. We have not gotten on to Whitman about his church behavior this week so I am not really sure why he asked me at least 3 times if he was doing better today.
  • I told him that he was indeed doing very well. He sat there today with his Bible in his lap the majority of the time. He even said after church that he now likes big church "halfway." I am not sure why he has changed his mind.
  • Before my Sunday school, I headed to the bathroom. I do keep my phone in my back pocket and as soon as I was pulling down my pants, kaplop went my phone. I didn't hesitate to reach down in the potty to grab my phone. I am sure the lady in the stall right next to me wondered what in the world was happening. I jerked my case off and tried my best to dry it off. It was fine thanks to the case but my pants were soaking wet since I had used them to dry my phone. Speaking of, I should probably throw those jeans in the wash.
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house. I took some of my leftover bread from last night so we had plenty of bread. For dessert, Grannymom made a delicious cake that I really liked even though cake is no longer my favorite of desserts. The kids played a few games before we headed home for our Sunday afternoon nap.
  • The afternoon flew by and soon we were loading up to pick up some pizzas for supper followed by our weekly Dairy Queen Blizzards. The kids have settled on their flavors-Whitman: vanilla, Keaton and Campbell: M&M, Graham and Anderson: Mint Oreo and Reagan: Ultimate Chocolate Brownie. When we eat there, Robby and I take a bite of everyone's Blizzard to just make sure that it is okay. Tonight, Reagan, Keaton and I ran in to pick them up so we ate in the car so Robby and I didn't get a bite. I really do just love ice cream-I do think that it is my favorite food.
  • When we made it home, we settled in with our pizza in our lap watching the UMBC basketball game. The girls migrated else where since they weren't too interested and I even missed some of the game to work on our massive pile of laundry that needs to be folded!
  • Tomorrow starts spring break around here, but I have a massive list that needs to be accomplished. The first thing on the agenda tomorrow is making scones which is actually something on my list (it isn't all work!)

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