March 15, 2018

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  • This day was a bit different because Whitman had his school conferences. Robby took him to Grannymom's house this morning but not as early as Whitman would have liked. He kept asking me if he could eat his breakfast, which he usually does on school mornings. I wouldn't let him though since he would be here still and could eat with the rest of the tribe. 
  • He did finally eat his breakfast and soon left for the day. The rest of us buckled down and started on our school work for the day. I was only here until 10 when I had to jump in the car for Whitman's conference at school. 
  • Whitman more than any of my other Dennies, I am a bit more concerned about. However, he had "C"s on everyone on of his items on his report card (C for complete) except for cutting in a straight line which he had an "E" (E for emerging). I couldn't have been any more pleased with the boy.
  • When I came back home, everyone had finished their school work. I still had to work with everyone so it was nearly 12:30 before school was officially cleaned up and finished. We then had our lunch and afterwards, Graham spent quite a bit of time watching basketball and checking the brackets. Poor guy, he is in last place of our family bracket right now. I am in first, but I know both of those standings will not last too long.
  • This afternoon I took Campbell and Keaton to the store with me. We needed a few little things but they had sales today on certain items, so we picked up a few of those. (There are things on sale just tomorrow too so yep, we plan to go back.) The girls both enjoyed pushing their shopping carts around the store and really, they were a help to me.
  • Around 4, the neighbors all came out and the kids all headed outside. Now the neighbors went in, came out, went in and came out again. On their second time to go in, we had supper since it was warm. I didn't think that the neighbors would come back out again but indeed they did so a game of chase happened in the front yard for a very long time tonight.
  • The kids came in around 8:30. Some went to the showers and those that didn't make the first shower cut, rolled out some shamrock cookies and then the groups switched. I baked the cookies but since it was 9 by the time all of this finished, the decorating of the cookies will have to happen in the morning.
  • Nonna called me tonight as I was reading to Whitman, and he was quick to tell us, "you are wasting time." He didn't want me to do any talking but instead wanted me to read to him. Spring break begins tomorrow and the kids and I are super excited about it-they are probably so excited that they will have a hard time sleeping tonight.

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