March 19, 2018

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  • This was the first day of Spring Break, and it did start with sleeping a bit later than usual around here. Well, probably not too much later since I was up by 8 which is near when I usually get out of bed but my alarm had not rang for 45 minutes so that is probably why I felt like I had much more sleep.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitman helped me make a batch of scones for breakfast. I didn't really great hopes for these scones since we have tried to make another scone recipe before, and they were a flop. Maybe it was my help, but these were very good. I would definitely make them again.
  • Around 10:45, Reagan woke up. I handed her the last scone and gathered the troops. Even though it is Spring Break, we still have history to do this week. I am not sure how many days we will have a chance to read it, but any day we can do it is a day that we don't have to read it this summer. No one seemed to mind especially since I ended our reading time with a book about Aladdin.
  • Everyone tried on their bathing suits to just make sure that they had something to wear if we do swim later this week. I think that some of my girls will need new suits, but I just can't remember if their bathing suits were saggy or not. We will just have to see.
  • Once my chores were finished, I hopped in the car and headed out for a few errands. First stop was Nonna's house to drop off a stained shirt. Then to the library to pick up 25 books and drop off at least that many. The post office followed by the Nike store to spend a coupon were the next stops. After that, I had another coupon at Pennys, and then I wrapped up my shopping at Walmart. 
  • The kids had their lunch while I was gone, and the neighbors even came out. Graham did help them with their garden chores and bit and even came home with blisters on his hands. They don't work that hard in my yard! It took a bit before all of the neighbors did come out, but when they did, even Reagan went out to play.
  • Everyone enjoyed playing outside in this beautiful weather until it was time to load up and head to the Wilson's house for supper. I brought our hog dogs again and Shannon pulled out some of their leftovers. We all ate, and then the grownups walked while the kids played a few games of kickball.
  • We stayed over there way too late, and when we came home everyone showered and packed before heading to bed. Overall, we had a very productive day around here, and I am not too sure if tomorrow will be as productive but hopefully it will be as much fun.

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