March 6, 2018

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  • Whitman jumped into our bed a bit after my alarm rang this morning. He stayed there until I got up to pull out his clothes for school. The only thing he is worried about in the mornings is if he will have time to eat in the living room while watching a movie and who is going to pick him up from school. He was able to eat some in the living room so this made him happy enough to quickly put on his clothes. Though, I did grab the "wrong" shirt for him. He insisted that he wear the shirt he wore yesterday. It was clean so that was fine, but I wondered if I should have attached a note for Ms. Stacy so she would know that his shirt was indeed clean, and that I didn't let him sleep in his clothes.
  • Everyone else had lunch while I did some reading and then we worked on our together work. The kids are usually anxious for me to finish reading so they can finish their work but on the other hand, when I don't read a book or skip something someone usually gets upset with me.
  • School went fine. I was in a rush since I had to leave to pick up Whitman. Most everyone was almost finished with me except for Anderson. His math today was learning how to do the area and circumference of a circle. He got the idea but it is just a lot of math. 
  • Keaton, Campbell and I ran to pick up Whitman. He had a good day at school but did get hit in the eye with a dinosaur. He said that he cried and even came home with a note. Now, his eye looked a bit red but then didn't. Though tonight I think that I can see a scratch on his eye. 
  • We had our lunch before working on some chores. My mission today was to try and straighten the girls room. They just have so much stuff in their room, and everything is apparently sentimental to someone so there was no throwing anything into the garage sale box. However, we did straighten the room and their drawers under their bed so at least it looks better right this second.
  • Soon, it was time to load up and go skating. Whitman was thrilled about this but his brothers don't care a thing about skating. They aren't the strongest skaters and getting better might help their enjoyment. They do fine but would rather be home. Robby did say that he always felt like skating was pointless. I guess just rolling around in circles might be a bit boring.
  • Everyone else had fun. Keaton rarely used the skate aid today (4 bucks wasted, but I will know next time.) Reagan was with her friends so she had fun. Campbell continues to improve and had fun. Now, Whitman, bless the child. He did good today since this was just his second time to skate. He would get tickled and flop himself right down on the ground. He didn't mean to but just couldn't help himself.
  • We skated until almost 4:30. Then we headed home. On the way, there was a fire on the side of the road. I cut through a neighborhood to avoid it and the commotion, but the kids were disappointed that I didn't drive them right beside it.
  • Once at home, the kids all headed out and played with the neighbors. They started trickling in around 6:30 and the last crew (Reagan and Campbell) came in at almost 8. They were cold and hungry. After showers, everyone ate as soon as they were done. Chicken tortilla soup so it was a pretty perfect meal for this chilly day.
  • After supper, there wasn't too much time until bedtime. It was 8:15ish when Campbell and Reagan ate. They had a few minutes, and then bedtime came calling. Everyone was a bit bummed that we wouldn't let them stay up to go with Robby to pick up Grannymom and Grandpa.

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